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Anders Breivik, Norway Gunman Accused of Killing 77, Pleads Not Guilty

Alleged Lone Wolf Terrorist Claims He Carried Out Rampage in Self-Defense

Anders Breivik, Norway Gunman Accused of Killing 77, Pleads Not Guilty

Accused lone wolf terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who allegedly carried out a deadly massacre in his native Norway last July, pleaded not guilty in his first court appearance Monday, claiming the 77 people who died in the attacks were killed in self-defense.

 "I acknowledge the acts but I do not plead guilty and I claim that I was doing it in self-defense," the 33-year-old extremist told the court.

"I do not recognize the Norwegian courts. You have received your mandate from political parties which support multiculturalism. I do not acknowledge the authority of the court," he added.

When asked to confirm details regarding his life, including being unemployed, Breivik responded, "this is not correct. I am a writer and I work from prison."

Breivik's trial is expected to last 10 weeks and the beginning half of Monday's trial was televised to the public.

Although Breivik did not appear to be remorseful during Monday's hearing, he burst into tears during the showing of his 12-minute propaganda film.

Breivik faces up to 21 years in prison if convicted under the terrorism and murder charges, but could be committed to psychiatric care indefinitely if deemed insane.

The suspect has already undergone two court-ordered psychiatric evaluations, one of which deemed the killer sane, while the other concluded that Breivik is a paranoid schizophrenic.

Breivik is accused of setting off a bomb in Oslo and bombarding a youth labor camp on Utoya Island in last July, killing 77 people and sending shock waves throughout the world.

The 33-year-old extremist has argued the attacks were necessary to save Norway and Europe from Islamization. He has called the attacks "gruesome but necessary" and has said through his lawyer, Geir Lippestad, that he is only sorry that he "didn't go further."


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