Monday, June 17, 2013
Atheist Soros Supports Governor Christie, a True RINO

Atheist Soros Supports Governor Christie, a True RINO

Soros Supports Christie, A Revelation? George Soros is apparently now supporting the re-election campaign of Governor Chris Christie. When George Soros decides to invest, it means the object is profoundly liberal and holds great promise for the cause. That would be now Chris Christie.

Apparently, all Christie's former jibes at Obama were an act just to get the president's attention. Why, they were best buds all along. Christie even fooled Ann Coulter.

Included with the Soros trend of Christie support are University of California-Berkeley's Ken Rosen, Californian Democrat fund raiser John Doerr, Chicago's Tim and Alice Mullen (who also supported Rahm Emanuel's mayorial bid), FaceBook's Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Granoff, and Ken and Shoshana Dichter.

Need more be said?

Far-side visionaries might still try to defend Christie as a conservative Republican. One such, Michael Hayne, went so far as to say all this liberal Democrat support is an attempt to obscure Christie's 2016 presidential ambitions. Fat chance, as it were. Christie will have little if any support from actual conservatives.

Republicans simply don't have a decent candidate. "Al-qaeda" McCain, "Limpy" Graham, "Marked" Rubio, and the like, are wholly unreliable conservatives, therefore, not conservatives, but politicians, like Christie. It is as if we have to compromise, to get elected! But, after the candidate is elected, he doesn't return to any conservatism, but becomes more liberal than ever.

This is where the term RINO, Republicans In Name Only, comes from.

The few true conservatives in DC, like Michelle Bachmann and Rand Paul, are so terribly out-numbered that they seem unable to accomplish anything significant in the way of Constitution. They just end up being called controversial, or some such vagary.

A manipulative, weak, compromising, lying Republican will never, ever be able to win against Hillary Clinton–who will have the slavish support of the current occupant of the White House. Bill Clinton lied for Obama, saying "Obama was "a man cool on the outside but burning for America on the inside," when everyone knows that Obama wants to burn America!

Why shouldn't Obama lie for Hillary? He will no doubt extoll her American patriotism, and probably use Benghazi as an example of it.

Dr. David Yeagley is a conservative columnist, political pundit, and voice against political correctness in America. He is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, being a fifth generation direct descendent of Bad Eagle. His articles can be read at


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