Bloodthirsty Bomber Brothers Betrayed Bostonians Beyond Belief

The city of Boston is like a family in a way, and this family has just been through the ringer. They welcomed a couple of guys into their fold who in turn decided to stab their fellow Bostonians in the back. Dzhokhar and Tamerlan betrayed the very community that had opened their arms to receive them. It seems unbelievable that this could happen, and yet it did.

Likewise, Jesus welcomed Judas into the ranks of His disciples. To repay Him for this kindness, Judas decided to hand Jesus over to death in exchange for 30 pieces of silver. Betrayal beyond belief, like the bomber brothers who brought death, injuries and pain to many innocent people. Judas couldn't care less for the close-knit group of disciples he had entered, or the Savior who had loved him. Judas was only out for himself.

The bomber brothers chose to be consumed with evil. When a person makes that choice, there is no telling how far he will be willing to go to fulfill the raging desires of his heart. Evil leads man to hate God and to hate others. It unleashes its fury in unpredictable ways. And innocent people tend to be the victims of this dangerous fury.

Belief in Jesus, on the other hand, produces love in the heart. Other ideologies tend to keep a person from coming to Jesus. Some of these ideologies inflame desires within man to harm others. This is unthinkable to most of us, but not to people like Judas and the bomber brothers. They march to the beat of a different drummer. They are motivated by dark desires that are hateful and lethal.

The world desperately needs Jesus and His love. The bomber brothers needed the message and the Person of Christ, and they needed to let this love sink into their hearts. As we know, that is not the direction their lives took as they made their plans to kill and injure participants and spectators at the Boston Marathon.

Many events in our world seem to be beyond belief. We struggle to understand how these things can happen. In times like this, we need the Lord and His stability in our thoughts and in our heart. What else and who else can possibly help us the way He can, especially when the world is exploding all around us?

You may feel today that your soul is "beyond belief." That is, you are in a place where it seems you will probably never have faith in Jesus Christ to save your soul. Before you "throw in the towel" on Christianity, I would like to offer you this thought. Look at what the bomber brothers did. Recognize the depth of evil that can come out of man. And then recognize that even you have various examples of evil within your own soul and mind. Your evil, like mine, needs a solution from the Lord. Only He can forgive us, and only He can give us a new heart. That is why Jesus came here to live, die, and rise again.

The bomber brothers, like Judas before them, displayed an unthinkable level of hostility toward those who had welcomed them to come inside and become part of a community. All three of those men betrayed their "family." They gave themselves over to evil. It is unbelievable, except for the fact that we know it happened and we now must choose to somehow process it in our minds.

When the world doesn't make sense, we must look to the Creator of the world to help us through the confusion. Only God can bring us safely to a land where there will be no more explosions, murder or terrorists. There will also not be any more betrayal once we enter heaven.

What Judas and Dzhokhar and Tamerian did to those around them is unconscionable. What Jesus did for us on the cross is pure grace, love and salvation. If you open your heart to Christ today and trust in His death for your sins, He will place His love in your heart and bring your soul into a state of Christian belief, and beyond.

When all is said and done, what other hope do we have?

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.

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