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Christian Group Plans 'Prayer Storm' to 'Scale the Cliffs and Attack Evil' on D-Day 70th Anniversary

Christian Group Plans 'Prayer Storm' to 'Scale the Cliffs and Attack Evil' on D-Day 70th Anniversary

A growing online group of Christians emphasizing the spiritual power of repentance is holding a "D-Day 70th Anniversary Prayer Storm" in an effort to push back evil in the world, organizers announced on Monday.

"We believe the 70th anniversary of D-Day is a spiritually significant time to celebrate freedom from tyranny, gifted to mankind by Jesus, and it is a monumental day that represents true self-sacrifice for the freedom of others," writes Pastor Jeff Daly, co-director of the National Day of Repentance and author of Repentance: God's Strategy to Bless a Nation, in an online announcement about the event.

"On Friday, June 6, 2014, many of 'His people, called by His name' in over 30 nations will be part of a 'Prayer Storm' to 'scale the cliffs and attack evil' – in their lives and in their nations – in the same way that thousands of brave men took the cliffs of Normandy in WWII," co-sponsors Capitol Hill Prayer Partners and National Day of Repentance stated.

"As these prayer intercessors pray, fast, and sincerely repent, we believe Almighty God will 'hear from heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land' (2 Chronicles 7:14)," the group said.

Included in the statement, the group defines repentance as a choice to "come away from the flesh and the world's ways to take up His Way of Purity." It also "opens heaven for God to go into battle on our behalf and begin to restore the Godly roots of our nations."

The National Day of Repentance group's mission statement and statement of purpose reads: "We are Believers in Yeshua/Jesus, across denominations and across boundaries, drawn by the Holy Spirit to repentance both personally and nationally." It describes itself as a grassroots coalition of ministries and prayer intercessors. "Throughout the year, following Scripture, we call for days of repentance in our homes, churches, and across nations to begin to purify each of us to be ready as His Bride, to build unity in the body of Christ, and to advance His Kingdom," the statement reads.

In talking about the coming D-Day remembrance on Friday, organizer say, "Those with spiritual discernment see that we are facing a spiritual battle against evil in our nations today every bit as real as WWII. Moral depravity, apostasy, and other anti-Christian attacks reflect the creeping human secularist agenda that seeks to remove the gift of Liberty that Jesus' blood gave to all humanity.

"This June 6 is a momentous day both nationally and spiritually as it is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Since that day of God's favor, we have allowed evil to creep back into our lives and in our nations. The weapons of our warfare this time are prayer, fasting and repentance. Our weapons 'are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.' (2 Corinthians 10:4)."

D-Day was an allied attack involving twelve nations, the group explains, and 70 years later, "we are now in unity through the Holy Spirit in many more nations. All Christians across denominations and boundaries are encouraged to set aside time on June 6 in their individual prayer closet, or together with others, as part of a 'prayer storm' to pray, fast and sincerely repent."

Organizers explain that the power of just one person's repentance is seen in the Book of Daniel. "Daniel humbly confessed his sins and his nation's sins, sincerely repenting. God granted the request of this one righteous intercessor and brought Israel out evil's bondage because he humbly stood in the gap for his people," they state. "On this D-Day for repentance and deliverance from evil, will you be like Daniel? Will you storm the cliffs against Satan with us?"

Daly writes, "We are in a spiritual battle not expressed, or not known, by our national leaders. This is a form of the same evil faced on D-Day. Even without the support of our leaders, we can join in unity as 'people called by His name' and together in the unity of the Holy Spirit move God to act."

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