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Christian Reality TV to Show World How Believers Really Live?

Christian Reality TV to Show World How Believers Really Live?

DoersTV, a free online Christian TV Network, is preparing to launch a new type of television programming in an attempt to revolutionize the way Christians and non-Christians view religious television.

"Christian Reality TV," a name coined by DoersTV's CEO David Wright, will feature reality-based shows depicting everyday Christian life.

The channel, available at, will touch on topics such as overcoming peer pressure, sexual immorality, drug addiction, and more.

Wright, also a pastor, told The Christian Post (CP) Wednesday that God gave him the idea for Christian Reality TV.

"It wasn't something that I thought of. It popped into my mind. The Lord had pressed upon my heart this concept of Christian Reality TV," Wright said.

According to Wright, when he searched for the domain name, it was available and that was "confirmation this would catch on fire."

He told CP the main message DoersTV hoped to spread was to let Christians and non-Christians know Christian Reality TV was bigger than just attending church - it was about capturing the daily Christian lifestyle on film.

"We want to show people living scriptures in everyday life. Christians aren't perfect but they serve a perfect God," Wright added.

DoersTV believes that Christian Reality TV will serve as encouragement for Christians who are struggling with various issues, but also beneficial to non-Christians who are curious to see what Christian reality television is all about.

"You can't really reach a person unless you've been there," Wright stated. "People need to not only hear how God delivers others from sin but to also see it."

Pastor David told CP that DoersTV was prepared for the criticism because the network is “standing on God’s word.”

"We're not playing politics or showing Christians in a light that will bring shame, but [instead] showing that 'I, too, struggle with these issues, but I overcame [them],'" he said.

 Wright added, "Christians are real and experience real problems."

Programs tailored to teens, gospel artists, and pastors/preachers are among some of the shows that will be featured in the TV series.

Christian Reality TV is scheduled to air early 2012 on

"Please support it," urged Wright. "We’re asking for every critic there be ten Christians that support [Christian Reality TV]."

DoersTV, with 21 channels, is an online Christian TV network with a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through free Internet television.


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