Churches Get Creative Promoting Easter Services Online; Designer Gives Top 8 Websites List

(Image: Fellowship Church)

Graphic designer and communications expert Stephen Fogg, who works for Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne, Australia, recently gave special attention to the website pages of churches promoting Easter services by showcasing a top eight list on his blog.

"Easter is a great time to be inspired by the creativity coming from other churches. As I look online and see what other churches around the world are creating on their websites to promote their Easter services I'm amazed at the talent out there," writes Fogg. "I love the strategy, creativity and work that communication peeps, designers, videographers put into crafting a great online experience for Easter."

The list, along with images of the websites, includes (in no particular order) The Chapel in the Chicagoland, Ill.; Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif.; Mars Hill Church based in Seattle; Fellowship Church in Texas; Hillsong in locations throughout the world; Mariners Church based in Irvine, Calif.; NewSpring Church in South Carolina; and Willow Creek Community Church in the Chicago area.

(Image: Saddleback Church)

About his selection of Saddleback Church's online Easter web page for his "My Top 8 Church Websites This Easter" list, Fogg writes, "Using a cultural icon like the Easter Egg and redeeming it is such a great idea. Fresh, positive and simple feel. I love the font for the word Easter, really nice choice aesthetically. If you are from an Orthodox background the whole painted egg tradition actually forms part of the Easter celebration."

Fogg says he's "passionate about sharing with the world what I know about branding, communications, marketing and all things digital."

For the entire list and images, go to Steve Fogg's website.

(Image: Willowcreek Church)