CP World Report: Herman Cain, Iran's Nuclear Capabilities, Grocery Store on a Bus, Canada's OWS

 CP World Report: Herman Cain, Iran's Nuclear Capabilities, Grocery Store on a Bus, Canada's OWS

Republican contender Herman Cain has vigorously denied sexual harassment allegations and addressed an awaited press conference in Arizona. He said he never acted inappropriately with anyone, period; and declared his intention to stay in the Republican race. He started out by pointing to the “democratic machine” but then conceded he didn’t know who was behind the allegations. He did say that someone is trying to wreck his character….. 

The White House is refusing to comment about an incident that happened at the G-20 last week. An audio caught Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy venting about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom Sarkozy called a “liar”. And Obama was heard asking Sarkozy to help persuade the Palestinians to stop their efforts to gain U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state. The two men did not realize their mics were up.

A report from the International Atomic Energy Agency will detail how specialists from Pakistan and North Korea have helped take Iran to the threshold of full nuclear capability. Tensions are now rising through the Middle East in anticipation of this landmark report, many saying that Israel may use it to justify a pre-emptive military strike against Iran. The Agency also disclosed how Iran acquired the knowhow and material to build its first nuclear weapon with assistance from a former Soviet scientist. The UN's nuclear watchdog will be detailing Iran’s plans to triple its capacity to enrich uranium to weapons grade at a facility.

Highly populated, low-income communities often lack access to fresh, healthy produce. Yet they have some of the some of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes and other diet related diseases. The founders of a grocery store on wheels are tackling the problem. 

Canada’s Occupy protestors are facing legal action from local government officials in Vancouver and Victoria. An injunction is being filed in BC Supreme Court to remove the tents, structures and belongings of the protestors. With a threatened showdown, a sociology professor at McGill University warns that police will have to be careful. He stated that while the protestors seem to be losing the public opinion battle, if police use violence, the occupiers could get more support.

According to demographics: a lot of us are familiar with fighting age every step of the way. That includes legendary evangelist Billy Graham who just celebrated his 93rd birthday with friends, family, ice cream and cake. Reverend Graham’s new book: Nearing Home: Thoughts on Life, Faith and Finishing Well addresses how he fought age as he felt the grasp of quote: “Old Man Time”. He described this as a dreaded transition he didn’t welcome, but concluded that we are not meant for this world alone but for our final home in heaven. His latest book ranges from Scripture quotations about the end of life to advice on financial planning. Graham also says he wants to preach one last sermon before he goes home to heaven.

And…Operation Christmas Child run by Reverend Franklin Graham is under attack for pushing Christian ideas. Former Air Force cadet—Michael Weinstein--who now heads up “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” ….is complaining that Academy officials crossed the line by sending out an e-mail to all cadets about the ministry. According to a Protestant Chaplain from the Air Force…it was an administrative oversight and only the Christian distribution should have received the e-mail. Michael Weinstein called Operation Christmas Child a Trojan Horse that spreads Franklin Graham’s fundamentalist Christian views . Operation Christmas child has brought joy to the world’s poorest children, distributing gifts at Christmas-time. Since 1993 over 70 million gift boxes have been handed out in over 130 countries.
In Sports news:

Boxing legend Joe Frazier passed away after losing a brief fight with liver cancer.
He was 67-years-old. Here’s a look back at his career in and out of the ring. 


Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar, stars of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, are expecting their 20th this spring. And yes, there are a couple of twins in there. The Arkansas couple is reportedly excited about the latest news, but there is concern. 45 year old Michelle’s last baby girl was born at 25 weeks, weighing only 1lb. and 6 oz; and the medical drama was documented throughout their TV series. Michelle is now under the care of a high risk specialist.

Justin Bieber has agreed to a paternity test to clear his name that he is the father of a three month old boy. A 20 year old California woman launched a paternity suit in which Bieber has denied even meeting the woman. In fact, he is now considering suing her for defamation, following a DNA test when he returns from a tour to Europe.


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