CP World Report: MLK Memorial Dedication, Occupy Toronto, Herman Cain, NASCAR Crash

 CP World Report: MLKJ Memorial Dedication, Occupy Toronto, Herman Cain, NASCAR Crash


The dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in Washington became political. President Obama and many of the invited speakers gave election-style speeches where the “Occupy Wall Street” movement became an issue. It was described as a continuation of King's legacy. One of the themes of the disparate Movement is that the top one percent of the country hold too much power and control. Reverend Jesse Jackson tied the remaining 99 percent theme to that of slavery…referring to the “Occupiers of Wall Street”

Meanwhile….. the Canadian version of the protests is being referred to as “Occupy Toronto” or Occupy Bay Street. And like the U.S., protestors range from demonstrating against their own poverty to being anti-capitalist. In fact, the entire Occupy Wall Street Movement was sparked in Canada by the anti-capitalist organization Adbusters where leaders wanted the Arab Spring revolts to be the model of the movement, which is now going global and creating havoc in some areas. It’s turning up in China, Australia, Italy, Tokyo and the U.K. Take a look at this report, from the U.K.

Republican candidate Herman Cain, who has been growing in popularity has come right out to challenge Texas Governor Rick Perry for the coveted evangelical vote. Cain said Perry has not sealed the deal with evangelical voters, and that he is not the only Christian conservative in the race. The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO surprised many when he finished first in a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll with 27 percent, a 4-point-lead over steady frontrunner Mitt Romney. Perry was at 16 percent. By comparison, just six weeks ago, the same poll found Cain with only 5 percent support; and Perry was at 38 percent. The Faith and Freedom Coalition, led by leader Ralph Reed, estimated late last year that 29 percent of the conservative movement are evangelical Christians.

Blackberry maker Research In Motion has apologized for the recent service disruptions. And it’s making it up to customers with a free offer. Take a look….

A powerful group of atheists is running a new website aimed at creating a community for clergy who have lost their faith. It’s called “The Clergy Project” and has grown to nearly 100 members since the launch of a private, invitation only, website in March. It’s run by: “The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason” and “the Freedom From Religion Foundation”, which have now made the project public, in hopes of drawing more pastors, priests, rabbis and other religious leaders who have chosen to quote….."move beyond faith." The well-known evolutionary biologist and atheist—Richard Dawkins-- believes clergy needs help in exiting the ministry. Dan Barker, a former evangelical preacher now serves as co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation; an organization that unsuccessfully tried to block Rick Perry’s national prayer rally in August.

An update on the Iranian Christian pastor Yousef Nadarkhani who was sentenced to death by an Iranian Court. The international community has been pushing hard for his acquittal, arguing that Iran is in violation of its International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which allows freedom of religion . Critics argue that the Pastor’s fate was passed onto the Supreme Leader --the Ayatollah Khameini—to avoid backlash from local and international communities. International pressure has also pushed Iranian court to confirm that Nadarkhani is currently alive awaiting his verdict. Nadar-Khani was arrested two years ago on charges that went from: protesting… to apostasy, and preaching Christianity to Muslims, to…being a threat to national security. He has refused to renounce Christianity on three separate occasions.

In Sports:

Race car fans continue their mourning after the shocking death of two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon. People gathered outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to pay their respects to the 33 year old champion. Wheldon died in a fiery crash at the Las Vegas Indy 300. It happened after several cars spun out of control and burst into flames.

Three other drivers were hurt in the wreck and are expected to be okay.

Former Indy 500 Race Car Driver --Lyn St. James—gave her perspective about the brutal reality that is ever present in the sport….

The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon had two unusual events: 100 year old Fauja Singh of India made headlines around the world when he set a Guinness Record for being the oldest to complete a marathon. He did the 42.2 kilometer run in just over 8 hours. And sadly, there was a tragedy for a 27 year old. He collapsed and died only seconds from the finish line. No word on the cause of death. About 23-hundred people took part in the race where Kenneth Mungara took home top honors for four consecutive years.

Christian documentary filmmaker Colin Gunn has come out with a new film: “IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America.” The film follows Gunn and his family as they take a three-week road trip to visit various education sites; and shows a side of the public education system that is not usually seen. Gunn portrays a system that neglects God in its teaching and ultimately hinders students in their relationship with Christ. He and his wife homeschool their 8 children.


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