Wednesday, December 11, 2013
'Duck Dynasty' Christmas Special to Feature Hog Hunting, Gift Giving and Live Nativity Scene

'Duck Dynasty' Christmas Special to Feature Hog Hunting, Gift Giving and Live Nativity Scene

The hit A&E reality series "Duck Dynasty" will be showing its annual Christmas special on Wednesday and sneak peek previews for the episode indicate that it will be full of crazy gifts, unusual holiday meals and lots of quirky redneck traditions, including the Robertson family participating in a live Nativity scene.

The hour-long special airing at 10 p.m. E.T. will feature all of the Robertsons participating in Christmas cheer through food preparation and gift shopping, among other activities, such as gathering around to partake in a live Nativity scene. In a promotional clip for the special Christmas episode, Willie Robertson, the CEO of the family duck call business, says he doesn't want much for the holidays, but would like to add to his gun and knife collection.

"I like unique gifts that people give me as long as they're from the heart," Willie Robertson said in the episode's teaser clip, posted online. "They don't have to be expensive or anything, just something that's had some thought put into it. When I get something like that, it's pretty special. However, guns and knives are always fun."

The children of the Robertson family, including John Luke and Sadie, said in the clip that they would like electronics, such as the new iPhone, and gas money. Kori Robertson said she's fine with any type of gift from Santa as long as it's a surprise, while Jase Robertson said he'd like a new grill, as his current one is falling apart. Miss Kay said she'd like kitchen supplies, while Phil Robertson wished for peace on earth and Si Robertson wished for good health.

In another clip of the episode provided exclusively to Entertainment Weekly, Phil takes Miss Kay and Jessica, wife of Jep, hunting to catch a hog for the family Christmas dinner. As the clip shows, Phil immediately regrets taking the two women hunting because they can't focus on the task at hand and are too busy talking about what the children want for Christmas.

Last year's "Duck Dynasty Redneck Special" for Christmas was a huge hit, but the Robertson clan has sought to spread Christmas cheer in other ways besides television, such as through their recently released Christmas album Duck the Halls and Uncle Si's recent cameo in a Christmas episode for the Christian animated series "Veggie Tales."


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