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Earthquake Hits Los Angeles; M3.3 Quake Centered in Beverly Hills

Earthquake Hits Los Angeles; M3.3 Quake Centered in Beverly Hills

A 3.3.-magnitude earthquake rattled Los Angeles early Monday, with its epicenter in Beverly Hills. The small earthquake struck at 3:26 a.m. PT, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, and no damages or injuries from the shallow temblor was reported.

Beverly Hills police watch commander Sgt. Michael Publickers told The Associated Press that the station had been receiving a bevy of phone calls from worried residents.

"Every alarm in the city is going off," he told AP. He also said that no damages had been discovered by his staff on patrol.

Details about the quake was still emerging, but word of the temblor quickly spread on Twitter, where many have shared their reactions to being jolted awake so early.

"Wow I'm reading about it now and no wonder it felt so huge," shared Ariana Grande. "It was centered right on top of where I live in Beverly Hills.. So crazy."

"The #earthquake felt stronger than a 3.3, probably because it was centered in Beverly Hills. First time I've been in the center. Scary," wrote Caroline McBride.

"The epicenter of that earthquake wasn't just near Beverly Hills. It was probably under my bed," said David Lasdon, apparently startled by the small quake.

Other residents have found the shallow earthquake amusing, some taking to Twitter to share photos of the "aftermath" of the quake.

One user uploaded an image of a empty can of soda on its side on a desk; another user uploaded an image of a small pile of books leaning sideways; and a third Twitter user uploaded an image of her desk chair lying on the floor with the caption: "Beverly Hills Quake. 09/03/12 We Will Rebuild #earthquake #beverlyhill."

A previous minor earthquake was also reported last Friday afternoon, about 10 miles from Parkfield, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The quake hit at 2:44 p.m. California time, and was centered 15 miles from Coalinga, or 119 miles from San Jose City Hall.


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