Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Egypt at War Against Terrorists, Says Catholic Copt Leader

Egypt at War Against Terrorists, Says Catholic Copt Leader

The turmoil currently taking place in Egypt is not a political struggle, but rather a war by all Egyptians against terrorism, according to H.H. Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac, head of the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt.

The Christian leader has expressed his categorical rejection of all outsiders interfering in Egypt's internal affairs or its sovereignty, and condemned media promotion of lies and distortion of the truth about the current situation in Egypt.

 "The Catholic Church is following, with all the pain and hope, what is going on in our country, from terrorism and loss of life to the burning of churches, schools and state institutions. So, out of love for our country, and in solidarity with all those who love the Christians and Muslims of Egypt, we try as much as we can to contact friendly international entities and show them the reality of things," according to a statement issued Monday.

The patriarch continued: "Our support is strong, conscious and free for all state institutions, especially the Egyptian police and armed forces, for its effort to protect the homeland."

Patriarch Isaac expressed his appreciation for those sincere states that understand the nature of the course of events, and reaffirmed his rejection of outside intervention in Egypt's internal affairs.

He also thanked Egyptian and foreign media who impartially report news and events in the country, and condemned those agencies who "promote lies and falsify the truth in order to mislead the international community's opinion."

"Our thanks to our partners in the Muslim world; honest people who have stood by our side, as far as they could, for the defense of our churches and our institutions."

Patriarch Isaac concluded: "We address the international conscience and countries' officials fully understand and believe that what is happening in Egypt, now, is not a political struggle between different factions, but it is a war by all Egyptians against terrorism."

The patriarch also offered condolences for both the families and relatives of the victims and asked for God's healing over the wounded.


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