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Election 2020: Biden leads but is he losing support?

Election 2020: Biden leads but is he losing support?


FiveThirtyEight showing the average of polls on the 2020 presidential election, accessed Monday, Sept. 21, 2020. | Screengrab:

The election polling website FiveThirtyEight took an average of national polls regarding Biden and Trump, with the Democratic challenger besting his Republican opponent.

In numbers accessed Monday, the site had Biden ahead with 50.4% while Trump had 43.6%, or a difference of 6.8%, with the former maintaining the lead he has held for months.

The present lead Biden has over Trump is a decrease from earlier this month, when the Democratic nominee had a 7.5% lead, with 50.6% to Trump’s 43.1%.

The Biden lead was also higher during the summertime, with FiveThirtyEight noting that at multiple days during July, the Democrat had a lead as high as 9.6 percentage points. 

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