Increase in Crime Rate is Caused by Rising Heat Index

If you’ve been irritable lately, you may have an excuse: the weather.

Dr. William Miles, Beaumont Hospital psychiatrist, explains that there is trending data that links heat with angry, irritated behavior. Along with irritabilitycomes increased crimes and suicides.

According to the doctor, no one knows precisely why this is.

“I think one of the reasons that we get more irritable when it gets hot is that we’re just not sleeping as well. I know that’s certainly true for me, personally. I don’t sleep well when it’s hot, even with the air conditioner on,” Miles said, according to CBS Detroit.

One theory, he explains, is that heat stimulates a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which tricks the body into thinking it’s in a threatening situation.

“The hypothalamus is hyper-sensitive to external stimuli. We’re going to perceive those stimuli as a threat, when normally we would not perceive such stimuli as a threat,” he said.

“And, the natural response to a perceive threat is anger. We’re hard-wired that way.”

More irritable people bring more crime, especially cases of domestic rape. ABC News reports that the Columbia Police Department in Missouri recorded 245 cases of domestic violence from May to July last year. This year, not even finished with July, the police have already handled 268 cases.

According to ABC, the Columbia police say the summer months are the worst for domestic violence. Many people will choose to stay inside to beat the heat and, with irritability and anger on the rise, this could be a recipe for disaster for couples and families. Often times, the feeling that one cannot escape to go outside in the midst of a conflict or argument, escalates the situation.

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