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Heaven is for Real: Truth is Undeniable, Boy Visits Heaven

Heaven is for Real: Truth is Undeniable, Boy Visits Heaven

Colton Burpo is an outstanding 12 year-old boy who has visited Heaven, met Jesus, and lived to talk about the experience.

At four-years-old Colton became very ill due to a ruptured appendix. Unaware of what was wrong with him, his parents thought he was fighting the stomach flu. It was not until they took him to doctor that they realized how serious his condition was.

The doctors needed to perform an emergency appendectomy because the ruptured organ was infected and was spilling toxins into his blood.

While on the operating table, Colton died, and said he saw his parents waiting for him during his surgeries.

Upon waking up from surgery, Colton told his father "Dad, did you know I almost died?" For a four-year-old kid to say those words – it was a big deal, and Colton's dad, Pastor Todd even admitted he was skeptical at first.

"We questioned our son at first. But I think as parents everyone can tell when their four year old is telling the truth. When they are telling you things they can not make up, we are close enough to really verify the story," Todd stated.

Colton started mentioning some of the things he saw over the next upcoming weeks.

He said he met Todd's grandfather, "Pop," and commented on how friendly and nice he was. Colton also recalled meeting his unborn sister who died in a miscarriage just two years before he was born.

Colton then described what he saw in Heaven. He said Jesus took him to Heaven and was wearing a white robe with a purple sash. He then saw God's throne room and had angels sing to him.

In an interview with “Today,” the reporter asked Colton, "Do you still have those vivid memories of heaven?" to which he replied, "Yes I do."

"And what stands out most in your mind? What can you really still see?" the reporter asked. "Well the things I remember most are, my family members and Jesus," he responded.

"Do you worry at all that those memories will get fuzzier and fuzzier over time? That happens to everybody." Colton didn't miss a beat, "No, I think those memories are implanted."

Pastor Colton said, "We are looking at all the people who are finding peace, and hope and comfort from Colton's story. To have peace, that's what we focus on."

The pastor went on to write a book, Heaven Is for Real, about his son's experiences and now it is a New York Times best seller.

There is also a kids version of the book called, Heaven Is for Real for Kids, featuring only illustrations.

The reporter then asked Sonja, Colton’s mom, "Is this all about getting a profit?" She replied, "No it's not about that. God blessed the story."

"Our intention was just to write and help a few people and it kind of exploded."



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