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James Robison on World Vision's Gay Marriage Flap: We Must Not Confirm People in Their Sin

James Robison on World Vision's Gay Marriage Flap: We Must Not Confirm People in Their Sin

World Vision's short-term approval to hire employees in same-sex marriages briefly put them at odds with biblical truths, says James Robison, founder and president of LIFE Outreach International.

Robison expressed his opinion in a column Thursday after World Vision's board announced that they reversed their decision. The Christian humanitarian group, he said, should not change its policies to adhere to society's social norms.

Although many homosexuals are in need of restoration and discipleship, Robison said, "any church or organization that forsakes the truth cannot be that place of refuge for those coming to God."

"Churches and ministries across the country will be forced to face the pressure World Vision faced. Will we stand firm on God's Word or will we confirm people in their sin and their false identity? Confirming sin through organizational policy is drastically different than hiring those who have come out of any sinful lifestyle, repent, and are seeking to follow the Lord," said Robison.

World Vision announced their reversed decision after a board meeting Wednesday, admitting that they had "failed to be consistent" with the Bible.

Their open letter can be found here.

Robison noted that World Vision's reversal will likely draw fire from the public. "By proclaiming homosexuality evil, we may be hated by some, too. World Vision's realignment will bring them far more vitriol from unbelievers than the outcry they received from believers. Yet we must align ourselves with scripture, not the world's ever-changing ideas of right and wrong," he stressed.

Robison said "there would only be a collective yawn" had another organization like UNICEF or Amnesty International made the announcement. However, given World Vision is a longstanding Christian organization with ties to many evangelicals, Robison was among many who expressed shock and discontent when the group said it would let Christians in same-sex marriages serve as employees.

The LIFE Outreach head said his own organization would hire recovering homosexuals or any individual battling any form of compulsive behavior, who desires to forsake the ways of the world but they would "not knowingly hire anyone who defiantly lives a life in direct contradiction to God's Word."

Robison also noted that LIFE Outreach has partnered with World Vision in the past and will extend forgiveness to them.

"I am grateful for all of the work World Vision has done to help hungry, hurting people around the world. Their bizarre week of wavering could hamper their efforts, which would be tragic. But we should never forsake someone's eternal spiritual condition while trying to help their temporary earthly condition. If we are to share life, we must not embrace the bondage of sin," he concluded.


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