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Joyce Meyer Honors Husband on 'Love Your Spouse' Facebook Challenge

Joyce Meyer Honors Husband on 'Love Your Spouse' Facebook Challenge

Dave and Joyce Meyer
Dave and Joyce Meyer celebrate 40 Years of Ministry, March 16, 2016. |

Joyce Meyer joined the Love Your Spouse Facebook challenge on Saturday and has committed to set aside some time every day to honor her husband of 49 years, Dave Meyer.

The Love Your Spouse challenge was created for married Facebook users to post one photo with their spouses each day for seven days to keep the celebration of love and traditional marriage alive.

On her first day of the challenge, the televangelist said no one had asked her to join, but in hopes of keeping love and marriage trending she wanted to join in.

Dave is the vice president of Joyce Meyer Ministries and has worked in full-time ministry for almost 30 years. Meyer frequently acknowledges that without her husband's wisdom and stewardship in finance and administration, Joyce Meyer Ministries would not be what it is today.

Meyer has been diligently posting social media dedications to her husband, celebrating their long lasting union. Read post from days 1-3 in it's entirety below.

Day 1,

Dave is always willing to quickly forgive me when I have done something wrong toward him. Dave is very patient when I'm late. Dave picks up after himself, does the dishes at night, tells me to rest. He tells me every day he loves me. He hugs me and compliments me on my clothes or the way that I look. I never preach a message that he doesn't tell me, "That was a great message."

He is very stable emotionally, he is never, almost never grouchy, takes good care of himself physically. He's very protective of me. I always feel safe when I'm with Dave. In every situation in life, there's good things that people do and there's things that you don't like. And one of the ways that we can display love is by keeping a record of the good things and not keeping a record of the bad things. Love takes no account of the evil done to it. You know, we need to value other people. We need to be committed. Love is committed for the long haul.

Day 2:

Dave is proud of me, and he's happy to be doing what he believes God has asked him to do. And I'll tell you one thing. My husband is a real man. He's a real man, because he's not threatened by letting his wife be all she can be.

Day 3:

Dave is so faithful that he doesn't even really even look at other women. I mean, I've said to him sometimes, "Oh, isn't so and so pretty?" And he's like, "I don't know. I don't pay any attention to any women other than you."

To follow Meyer's Love Your Spouse Challenge check her Facebook page here.

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