Kid Cudi Responds to Ben Breedlove Videos Testifying of Heaven

Ben Breedlove has people across the world talking about God after he left a YouTube video before he died that described his experience of heaven just weeks before. Breedlove died Christmas day in Austin, Texas, from a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

The 18-year-old had built a following on YouTube that advised young teens about different issues of growing up.

Within the videos, the teen also talked about friends, family, church and his relationship with God. However, his last video sent a message so touching, that thousands of other YouTube users have responded with their own videos, sentiments, and prayers. At the end of his message the teen recounts his vision of heaven just weeks before and then asks, “Do you believe in Angels or God? I do.”

American rapper Kid Cudi, who was part of Ben’s vision in heaven, also watched the video and wrote on Tumblr about how he felt.

“This has really touched my heart in a way I can’t describe, this is why I do what I do…To Ben’s family, you raised a real hero, he’s definitely mine. You have my love,” Cudi said.

Ben described his experience while unconscious, “I then looked at myself in the mirror. I was proud of MYSELF. Of my entire life, everything I have done. It was the BEST feeling.”

Ben’s mother, Deanne Lovebreed told KXAN, "I just think Ben opened doors for a lot of people to think about something that maybe they've never thought about before, and that to me is a wonderful gift."

In a transcript of "Ben’s Story" on YouTube, Ben Breedlove said:

Hello My name is Ben Breedlove.
All my life, I’ve had a heart condition.
(HCM) Short for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
It is a very serious condition.
As I grew older I learned that it was dangerous.
It scared me a lot,
I hate that feeling.
I was never allowed to play the sports that my friends did.
It kinda sucks that I missed out on that part of my life.
I really just hoped that I could be the same as everyone else.
But that is one thing I’ve learned to live with and accept.
The first time I cheated death was when I was 4.
I had a life threatening seizure, scary right?
My blood sugar dropped to 14.
I don’t remember much from that day.
Except one thing that I will never forget I was being wheeled down the hall on a stretcher.
The two nurses that were pushing it, and my mom running along side.
There was this big bright light above me
I couldn’t make out what it was because it was so bright
I told my mom look at that bright light and pointed up
She said she didn’t see anything.
There were no lights on in this hall.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and I couldn’t help but smile.
I had no worries at all, like nothing else in the world mattered.
And kept smiling
I can’t even describe the peace I felt, how peaceful it was.
I will never forget that feeling or day.
After that things were good for a few years.
Until around 2007 when my heart gave me trouble again.
Doctors decided we needed to do something about it.
May 3, 2009 I had a surgery to implant a pacemaker/defibrillator.
That was a big deal for me, but I had no choice.
At that moment, is when my heart gave me a bigger burden.
I was pretty sad.
Summer of 2011. Second time I cheated death.
Went into surgery for my tonsils.
An everyday normal surgery for doctors to perform.
My mom and sis were waiting in the waiting room.
And a chaplain walked in and said “we need to pray.”
“Your son just went into cardiac arrest, and they are trying to shock him back.”
It was a miracle that they brought me back.
I was scared to die, by I am so glad I didn’t.
After this I tried so hard to just forget about it and not worry.
About two weeks ago, December 6, 2011 was the third time I cheated death.
I was at school walking in the hall
I could tell I was going to faint, so I sat on a bench.
I passed out.
The next thing I know, I woke up with EMS around me.
I couldn’t talk or move, I could only watch what they were doing.
They put the shock pads on my chest.
I heard one of the guys say, “They are ready.”
And the other guy said, “GO!” I passed out again.
My heart stopped and I wasn’t breathing for three minutes.
When people’s bodies “die” the brain still works for a short time.
I heard them say, “He’s not breathing, his heart is stopped and he has no pulse.”
I really thought to myself, this is it. I’m dying.
The next thing that happened, I’m not sure if it was a dream, or vision.
But while I was still unconscious, I was in this white room.
No walls, it just went on and on.
There was no sound, but that same peaceful feeling I had when I was four.
I was wearing a really nice suit, and so was my favorite rapper, Kid Cudi.
Why he was the only one there with me, I’m still trying to figure out.
But I was looking at myself in this mirror that was in front of me.
The first thing I thought was damn, we look GOOD!
I had that same feeling, I couldn’t stop smiling.
I then looked at myself in the mirror. I was proud of MYSELF.
Of my entire life, everything I have done.
It was the BEST feeling.
Kid Cudi brought me to a glass desk and put his hand on my shoulder.
Right then, my favorite song of his came on, Mr. Rager.
The part where is said, “When will the fantasy END…
When will the heaven begin?”
And he said go now.
Right then, I woke up and the EMS were doing CPR.
I didn’t want to leave that place.
I wish I NEVER woke up.
Do you believe in Angels or God?
I do.

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