Lady Gaga 50 Songs Set for ARTPOP Album

Lady Gaga has revealed that she had been hard at work on her upcoming album "ARTPOP" during a Twitter exchange this week.

Gaga first announced "ARTPOP" in September and introduced its title in a new tattoo on her right forearm.

"Make sure when writing about my new album/project ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE the title, * its all in the details *," Gaga noted.

The "Bad Romance" singer conducted a conversation with fans via Twitter over the weekend, answering questions about the new album.

When asked if her new songs would sound anything like "Dance in the Dark," a track off of her 2009 album "The Fame Monster," Gaga offered a confidant response.

"i have written like 50 songs," posted the 26-year-old. "i don't know what will rise to the top. but that's how I wrote the fame/the fame monster."

Moreover, the "Alejandro" singer said that she was not sure if it would include any collaborations because her new work "stands pretty firm on its own."

"I'll release collabs regardless if they're on album or not, that's whats nice about app," she wrote. "I can upload new material all the time."

The singer had previously announced that her anticipated fourth studio album will be released as a regular album and as an interactive app that comes with extras such as videos and games.

Finally, Gaga assured her fans, who she refers to as "little monsters," that the album will please them.

"Everyone needs to keep calm + trust mother," wrote the singer, known to her fans as "mother."

"Relinquish control of ARTPOP," Gaga added. "Erase your preconceived notions of my music."

A Grammy award winner, Gaga rose to stardom after her first hit album "The Fame" in 2008. Pursuing her life-long passion for music, the singer recently addressed her critics in the industry.

"It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make a mockery of their work," said the New York City native during a concert over the summer.

"And that doesn't make me feel good at all," Gaga continued. "That just makes me feel like I'm not being a good human being … I don't even want to fight back because it's more important to me to keep writing music. Because that's really all I care about, is the music."