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Millions Invited to Watch 'A Wake-Up Call for God's People' Airing on 9/11

Millions Invited to Watch 'A Wake-Up Call for God's People' Airing on 9/11

Evangelists say the worldwide broadcast of “A Wake-Up Call for God’s People,” airing on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this Sunday night, may be the last time Christians will have a chance to get right with Jesus.

Millions of God’s people are expected to watch the special broadcast that aims at waking up a "spiritually sleeping" generation.

The Sunday evening event will feature Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of American evangelist Dr. Billy Graham, and New York Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg, with a worship-led musical performance by Dove-award winning, Selah.

As conflict and chaos shake many parts of the world, Lotz and Rosenberg believe the alarms are being sounded to wake up the Body of Christ.

They have teamed up to uphold the Word of God as the only real answer in troubled times and to "reignite believers with a passion for Jesus."

This is the vision behind "A Wake Up Call for God's People," which will include challenging messages from both speakers.

“I have long felt the original 9/11 terrorist attacks were a wake-up call for God’s people-a time to look up and get right with Him,” Lotz told The Christian Post. “But did we sleep through the alarm? My prayer is that this simulcast, held on such a historic anniversary, will serve to gather the church and reissue the wake-up call to the hearts of Christians everywhere.”

Lotz, and her team at AnGeL Ministries, have spent the past three years planning the event. She says it is her prayer that the event will refocus people on Jesus as the hope for the future, and that it would re-ignite such an intense longing for His return, that people live the rest of their lives with no regrets.

There will live Internet streaming, television and radio broadcasts. Churches, universities and other groups will join together, from Jerusalem to Washington D.C., to watch the teaching messages of Lotz and Rosenberg.

"The nation is taking steps to stay prepared for another terrorist attack but God's people still have hearts that are stale and time is running out," Lotz said.

In her new book, Expecting to See Jesus: A Wake-Up Call for God's People, Lotz outlines the signs of Jesus' return step by step and explains that He could return at any moment.

“The world must realize that 9/11 was a wake-up call from God and that we have pushed God out of our government, schools, and courts. It's time to repent and invite Him back,” Lotz said. "The signs that Jesus gave and the headlines in the news today are coming together in a dramatically sobering way.”

Lotz firmly believes that the attack on 9/11 was meant to be a wake-up call to all Christians and start a revival within the church. She said the events of 9/11 personally transformed her own faith and instilled in her a passion to share her convictions with others.

"On that day, God woke me up and set my heart on fire to tell other people the glorious good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

 People can watch the broadcast on any home computer.

In addition to individual viewing, a large network of host sites throughout America will also receive the live broadcast airing from 7:00-9:00pm EDT/MDT; 6:00-8:00pm CDT/PDT, all through Internet streaming.

More than 300 radio stations within Moody Bible Radio, American Family Radio and BOTT Radio networks will carry the program in the United States. An individual worldwide viewing audience of 190 million in 200 countries will have access to the simulcast through GOD TV Network, which airs on DIRECTV in the United States.

The simulcast will be followed by a 9-week DVD-based Bible study. Information may also be obtained by contacting AnGeL Ministries, 919-787-6606.

More information on the simulcast can be found on


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