Women Fighting for America embark on ‘Heal our Land’ tour to thwart ‘disease of socialism’

Christie Hutcherson
Christie Hutcherson, the founder of Women Fighting For America, speaks in a YouTube video published ahead of the "Heal our Land" bus tour. |

A new women’s movement has embarked on a multi-state bus tour ahead of the presidential election with the goal of convincing women to preserve the nation for their children and grandchildren by voting.

Christie Hutcherson, a mother of twins and a businesswoman who serves on the Heritage Foundation’s President’s Club, founded Women Fighting for America in April. Her group kicked off its “Heal Our Land” bus tour on Aug. 29 in Jacksonville, Florida. Since then, it has made stops in several states, including South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Future stops are planned at several locations in Ohio and Michigan. The tour will conclude on Nov. 1 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., where Alveda King, a pro-life activist and niece of the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., will be one of the speakers.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Hutcherson described Women Fighting for America as a “new movement that’s on the rise across this nation to bring back morality, biblical foundation, Constitution, and freedom into this nation.”

“Anywhere from 50 to over 100” people have shown up at the events thus far. “We do a Facebook Live, so we have a huge audience on Live,” she added.

Hutcherson stressed that the endorsement of political candidates is “not what this movement’s about.” She said that her movement's primary goal is to illustrate the “two different visions our country is headed for.”

“America’s at a crossroads,” she said. “We’re either going to go down the line of Marxism, communism, chaos, destruction, defunding the police, or we are going to go down a road where we are founded in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, safety and security, pro-police, pro-gun, pro-Christianity (and) pro-God back in schools.”

“It is so important for women and evangelicals to get out and vote because over 51 million evangelicals aren’t even registered to vote. Fifteen million don’t even show up. So we’re really educating women and the evangelical community on how important it is to get out and vote and exercise the most important duty as an American,” Hutcherson added.

According to Hutcherson, a “disease” is spreading across the United States. She described the “disease” as “the false narrative of how socialism is a positive thing for our country,” emphasizing that “socialism is just a road to communism.” She warned that “the weaponizing of our school system” to make the next generation “anti-American” and “hate-filled” and the push to create an “anti-God” national environment rife with “chaos and destruction” was part of “the disease that’s plaguing this land right now.”

“We are trying to educate the women on what is at stake right now: the future of this country, the future of your children and your children’s children is a stake. What kind of America are you wanting to leave behind? That’s what we’re educating women on,” she proclaimed.

Hutcherson explained that while the mobilization of women ahead of the 2020 presidential election is the short-term goal of Women Fighting for America, the long-term goal of the organization is to create “HEART chapters” that she described as the “long-term game of how we’re going to turn this nation back around.” The acronym “HEART” stands for “Hope, Equip, Activate, Reach Out Together.”

“America needs a mother right now because we’ve lost our moral compass,” she contended. “We’re trying to be the new women’s movement. The pink hat ladies, the NOW ladies, the feminist movement, they don’t speak for most women in America. But they’ve had the bullhorn and they’ve hijacked our voice.”

Hutcherson elaborated further on her concerns in a YouTube video published a few days before the Heal our Land bus tour kicked off. She expressed her desire to return to “a time in America where people were proud to be Americans,” when “morality reigned,” “the school systems weren’t weaponized” and “the Constitution was actually respected.”

Hutcherson described women as the “heart of America,” adding, “we can get our point across firmly (and) boldly but also do it with a loving, velvet fist.”

“Every day we are being eroded little by little but now it’s even bolder and bolder and bolder. They don’t even hide it anymore. Right now in America, evil is good and good is evil,” she warned.

“We’re going to be a grassroots movement, we’re going to go out into our communities,” she promised. “We are going to have chapters; we are going to be at the courthouse steps, be on the school board. Hopefully, we’ll raise up some women who are in local communities who are making a difference in their community.”

“The main focus of Women Fighting for America is to fight for the soul of our country,” Hutcherson explained. “We need to save America’s children, we need to save America’s values, we need to save America’s principles and we need to save our Constitution.”

For more information about Women Fighting for America, including upcoming tour dates, visit the organization’s website.

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