Octomom's New Adult Video Best Option for Kids?

It is frequently stated that a mother's love knows no ends, and that is what Nadya Suleman is claiming has pushed her to make an adult film. Facing bankruptcy and a debt 20 times her own worth, is the Octomom's decision to enter the pornography industry really in the best interest of her children?

Nadya Suleman, the mother of 14 who infamously made headlines after being artificially inseminated with eight embryos- four times the recommended amount- has just completed her first adult film. Octomom, who is currently living off of a welfare check estimated to be worth about $2,000 a month, officially filed for bankruptcy last week.

However, filing for bankruptcy will not present enough liquid assets to pay off all of Suleman's creditors.

"Unfortunately for her private school, her landlord and her father Octomom's court filings reflect just $50,000 in assets, which means she owes a staggering 20 times her net worth," Forbes magazine reported.

Even Suze Orman herself, an internationally acclaimed personal finance expert, admitted that Suleman's finances were something that perhaps only God could handle.

The advice came as a shock to one Forbes magazine contributor, who had been a long time fan of the finance expert.

"Suze ordered Nadya to do four things: fire the nannies, have a garage sale, get an agent and pray," Donna Johnson wrote for Forbes magazine. "In all my years of being an Orman fan, I don't think I've ever heard her tell anyone that only God could help them through their financial crisis."

In regards to filing for bankruptcy, Suleman has stated that she is seeking a fresh start. In order to get off on better footing this time, Octomom has agreed to film an adult video- an idea she had previously rejected.

How did Suleman get herself in such a poor situation to begin with? A prominent belief within the Catholic Church points to in vitro fertilization in the first place, particularly outside of marriage- it could have been the misstep that caused her downfall.

The Catholic Courier says that using IVF as a way of "initiating new human life is a subversion of the dignity and unity of marriage and of the integrity of natural and necessary parental relationships with children as they come into the world."

Suleman began receiving IVF treatments in 1997, at the age of 21. She has given birth to all 14 of her children through this procedure and was at no point married nor financially capable of caring for her future children.

Unsurprisingly, 15 years down the line she has become dependent on the state to provide for her children. While Suleman has stated that she is will to do anything in the best interest of her children, it would appear that her decision to attempt caring for so many of them was not in their best interest to begin with.

"This woman is a textbook example of what socialized medicine will produce when irresponsible people have access," a user, Whrosen, wrote on the Forbes blog site.

Of course, others question how Suleman appearing in adult videos will be in the best interest of the children.

"Society's opinion aside, one thing Suleman shouldn't be so sure about is how her young family will be affected by the often-extreme measures she takes to provide for them," Forbes magazine suggested.

Does a mother who has just entered the pornography industry, and is incapable of keeping a home or paying or her own bills, qualify as a fit parent?

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