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Once struggling actress, filmmaker Madeline Carroll says God is ‘faithful’

Once struggling actress, filmmaker Madeline Carroll says God is ‘faithful’

Madeline Carroll at the 28th annual Movieguide Awards in Hollywood, California, Jan. 24, 2020. | Christian Post

HOLLYWOOD — Actress and Christian filmmaker Madeline Carroll attended the 28th annual Movieguide Awards where she celebrated God's faithfulness in her life.

Carroll became a breakout star for her role in the hit movie “I Can Only Imagine,” based on the life of Christian singer Bart Millard. The film brought in $17.1 million domestically during its opening weekend and over $83 million overall, surpassing expectations. Before her big break, the California native almost gave up on acting altogether after years of struggling in the industry. 

"The biggest thing I can say is, God is so faithful. He is so faithful over our dreams,” Carroll told The Christian Post last month on the red carpet at the popular award show that honors faith and family content. 

After “I Can Only Imagine,” doors opened for Carroll to also get involved behind the camera.

"That was something I had desired for a little while but I never knew how it was going to happen or how I was going to get there,” she added. “Each step I took, the Lord literally just made the path clear before me.” 

"He is a faithful person if you are faithful to Him. He is faithful to you and He has been so faithful to me,” Carroll maintained while encouraging others. “He has your dreams; He is a faithful God. He is an all-covering God and He will make a way where there is no way, and that's what He's done for me." 

Carroll was on set to learn more about being behind the camera during the filming of "I Still Believe."

“I Still Believe” chronicles the story of award-winning Christian singer Jeremy Camp and his first marriage to Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp who died in 2001, less than a year after they were wed.

"'I Still Believe' is an amazing story,” Carroll told CP. “It's this true story of Jeremy Camp and his first wife. But you know, the story continues with his now wife, and their whole testimony and their marriage is so encouraging and inspiring. But in order to get to where he is now, he had to go through some things.”

The upcoming Christian movie, which is scheduled for release on March 13, has already topped Seventeen magazine’s list of the most romantic movies to watch in 2020. 

“Bring your tissues, but it is an uplifting movie. You will love it, you will enjoy it, and you'll be blessed by it,” Carroll concluded.

The Movieguide Awards will be broadcast on the Hallmark Channel on Feb. 24.


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