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Pat Boone Endorses Life-Sized Noah's Ark, Set for Cross-Atlantic Journey to Preach the Bible

Pat Boone Endorses Life-Sized Noah's Ark, Set for Cross-Atlantic Journey to Preach the Bible

Life-size Ark of Noah replica in Netherlands harbor in this undated photo. | (Photo:

Christian singer and actor Pat Boone has backed Netherlands' 2,500-ton life sized replica of Noah's Ark, which will set sail for a cross-Atlantic journey to the 2016 Paralympics in Brazil, where it will preach the Gospel message.

"My friends at the Ark of Noah Foundation plan to bring a life-size biblical replica of Noah's Ark from the Netherlands to the 2016 Paralympics in Brazil," Boone said in a statement. "From there, it will go through South America, Central America and then the United States."

Boone, who has had roles in films such as "God's Not Dead 2," noted that proceeds from the ambitious project will help build Hope Centers in the underprivileged areas of Brazil.

"These hope centers will provide food, education, as well as the Gospel for the unreachable children and families," he added.

The Ark of Noah, as the endeavor is called, reportedly stands at 410 feet long, 95 feet wide, and 75 feet tall, and can carry up to 5,000 people at a time.

The Ark was build by Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers back in 2012, and has attracted thousands of visitors to The Netherlands to witness the Great Flood story retold as found in Genesis.

The official website for the organization states: "The Ark is an interactive, informative, cultural biblical museum and event center. Noah's Ark provides a Judeo-Christian Bible-based experience for young and old."

It says that it is set to visit several ports in Brazil this summer, including the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

Huibers explains that he has been praying about the underprivileged communities in Brazil, and felt led by God to bring His message to the South American country in the form of the Ark.

"Johan decided the Ark doesn't just belong in the Netherlands and Brazil, but he should bring the experience of hope through South America, Central America and North America. The Ark of Noah Foundation was formed from this desire to raise donations and bring the Ark of Noah from port to port spreading the experience of hope and the good news of Jesus Christ to millions," the website explains.

Huibers previously built a smaller version of the Ark in 2007, which drew hundreds of thousands of visitors in its three years of operation. He decided to build a life-sized replica of the famous biblical vessel, however, operating on a desire to point people to the Bible and God.

"I thought to myself, it would be nice when we rebuild the ark and make a replica of the ark of Noah to tell a story, the stories of the Bible," the carpenter said back in 2011.

Donations to the project will go into funding the cross-Atlantic voyage, which is eventually expected to end up in the United States.


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