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Pat Boone wishing for miracle this Christmas, asks for prayers as wife battles fatal condition  

Pat Boone wishing for miracle this Christmas, asks for prayers as wife battles fatal condition  

Singer and entertainer Pat Boone waits in the House visitors gallery overlooking the House Chamber for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint meeting of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 3, 2015. | (Photo: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)

Music icon and outspoken Christian Pat Boone is asking for prayers as his wife's health declines.

Author, TV Host and minister Shawn Bolz shared Boone’s urgent prayer request in a recent article on Charisma News.

"We are rallying prayer for Shirley who was sent home by doctors two months ago for possible hospice. She has lived an amazing life with Pat and her children, grandchildren, and friends but she has unfulfilled promise that she and all of us believe she has an opportunity to see," Bolz said in his statement.

Shirley Boone has "vasculitis," which is inflammation of one's blood vessels, Bolz told CBN. He reported that all of her organs including her lungs are “working 100%” and Shirley is taking “tons” of anti-inflammation medicine.

"I asked Pat if I could send out a cry for prayer on his behalf and he said: Please do! We are expecting miracles...that Jesus be glorified,” Bolz conveyed for Bonne.  “So let everybody know the docs have given up except for home/hospice care, not believing Shirley can recover—she's on the way out—but we're believing Doctor Jesus makes house calls, and we start every day in worship and communion with the One in whom all things consist.

"Like Paul who let the Corinthians know he thought he was going to die...and he let them know many could rejoice because God heard their prayers for his complete recovery! Let's gang up on the devil...the very gates of Hell can't defend against us!"  

Bolz believes Shirley Boone has a “good chance” and prayer is the answer. He encouraged every believer to keep her lifted up. "I am asking you to stand with us, pray with us for Shirley and Pat Boone for her to see all of the days that God intended her to have on Earth," he said.

Boone is known for his extensive career as a singer, composer, actor, writer, television personality and motivational speaker. He has recorded around 150 albums with sounds varying from rock and roll and pop to country and gospel. Boone's career spans more than 60 years in singing and has appeared in more than 12 Hollywood movies. As a pop singer, he had dozens of Top 40 hits in the late 1950s and was the second biggest seller on Billboard's charts after Elvis Presley. Boone’s 2014 gospel album, Legacy, was his last album.

Although not in the limelight like her husband, his wife of 65 years has led a prayer ministry for people in the music industry for most of her life.

"Behind the scenes they have led some of the most famous people in entertainment and music to know Jesus as their Lord and savior. Shirley and Pat have welcomed hundreds of people into their life and world and have been spiritual parents and gatekeepers in the entertainment industry. They have hosted more events, Bible studies, and prayer meetings at their house than probably anyone else in Beverly Hills in history," Bolz explained.


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