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'People Are Fed Up': Actress Roma Downey Talks Division, Civility

'People Are Fed Up': Actress Roma Downey Talks Division, Civility

Roma Downey at "The Bible Experience" opening night gala on March 19, 2013 in New York. | (Photo: The Christian Post / Stoyan Zaimov)

Actress Roma Downey is on a mission to turn the tables on America's divisiveness, launching a new platform aimed at inspiring the masses with hopeful content that offers an encouraging lens into the good things happening around the world.

Downey, who recently launched Lightworkers alongside her husband, famed TV producer Mark Burnett, appeared on "The Billy Hallowell Podcast" to describe her passion for the project as well as her shock at the current state of civility in America.

"People are fed up with the negativity. I think people are ready for the conversation to turn," she said. "We don't have to agree with each other, but what ever happened to courtesy, and grace, and kindness, and speaking to each other with dignity? ... I don't understand who we've become."

Listen to Downey discuss her concerns — and the solutions — below:

Downey said that her goal through Lightworkers is to "steer conversation back where at least we can agree to disagree" and to offer people some of the stunning, hopeful and love-filled stories that are unfolding across the globe.

"There are beautiful stories everywhere," she said, adding that Lightworkers plans to tell them.

The genesis of the digital platform came one night when Burnett was watching the news on television and Downey remarked about how negative it all was, telling her husband at the time that she wouldn't be able to sleep if he kept the news on before bed.

"It's just one thing after another," she said. "It fills you with fear and anxiety."

So Downey's solution was a "good news channel" that offers engaging, funny, encouraging and hopeful content — content with the power to remind readers and viewers that "there are good people doing good things" and that "goodness still exists in the world."

Find out more about Lightworkers here.


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