Sarah Jessica Parker's Assistant Accused of Shoplifting in Norway Airport

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker's assistant was reportedly caught shoplifting a pair of expensive sunglasses in the Oslo, Norway airport on Dec. 12 as the actress's entourage prepared to board a flight to New York City.

An airport shop owner reportedly saw the assistant walk out of the store without paying for an expensive pair of sunglasses, and called the airport police for assistance.

Norwegian police reportedly stopped the United Airlines flight on which Parker and her assistant were boarding, delaying the flight for roughly an hour before the assistant forked over a $1,400 fine for the stolen shades.

Parker was in Oslo to co-host the Nobel Peace Prize Concert honoring the European Union on Dec. 11, along with Scottish actor Gerard Butler.

The night's entertainment featured musical guests Kylie Minogue, Ne-Yo, Seal, and Jennifer Hudson.

Before the concert, Parker told The Associated Press that although it "might be a controversial" to reward the European Union with the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 because it currently struggles with a financial crisis, she believes the organization of the union serves as "a terrific blueprint for [the U.S.]."

Parker added that she believes the E.U. did an excellent job this past year pacifying Europe and uniting various European cultures.

European officials representing the E.U. accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo's City Hall on Dec. 10, telling those in attendance that they will strive to further unify the union this upcoming year, as well as attempt to fix the financial struggles of countries such as Greece and Spain.

"If I can borrow the words of Abraham Lincoln at the time of another continental test, what is being assessed today is whether that union, or any union so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure," Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, said in his acceptance speech, as reported by The New York Times.

Van Rompuy added that the union will "answer with our deeds, confident we will succeed."

"We are working very hard to overcome the difficulties, to restore growth and jobs," he concluded.