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The Christian Post Even More Popular Than Obamacare Website? Yes, Says Data Analytics Company


New data collected by the digital data analytics company Quantcast has found that The Christian Post has even more online traffic than the Obamacare website, according to information available on Dec. 3, 2013.

The CP ranked 203 on the list of websites with the most traffic in the United States, while was ranked 223. The only conclusion that can be practically reached is that Americans across America have concluded that The Christian Post is more important than healthcare.

"These objective findings represent a major paradigm shift," said one expert who chose to remain anonymous. "The common wisdom has long been that healthcare was very popular, especially when people are sick. But this new report seems to indicate that this is no longer the case."

According to its Facebook page, Quantcast "measures and organizes the world's audiences in real-time so advertisers can buy, sell and connect with the people who matter most to them."

"As the pioneer of direct audience measurement in 2006, Quantcast has today the most in-depth understanding of digital audiences across the web, allowing marketers and publishers to make the smartest choices as they buy and sell the most effective targeted advertising on the market," reads Quantcast's About page on FB in part.

Another expert, who may or may not be the same source quoted above, believes the latest conclusion reached may be due to healthcare's declining popularity as much as it is Christian Post's rising stardom.

"I mean, if you just look at America today, healthcare is just not that popular," said the expert. "After all, why else do you think so many people no longer have it? They are obviously sick of the whole thing."

Others have pointed to the many PR disasters healthcare has had in recent months, including the viral online scandal that gave it a lot of negative media coverage. This shocking turn of events comes even as politicians from both major parties continue to claim that United Statesans deeply desire healthcare. It also calls into question the moral decency and cleanliness of several polls by various organizations claiming that healthcare was a major priority among the American people.

Many believe that the past couple of elections, when healthcare's popularity was put to the test, were areas where modern polling failed to adequately predict the results.

"I don't think pollsters really knew how to ask the important questions these past few years," remarked one expert. "I bet you a million smackeroos that not one 'professional' pollster even thought to ask eligible voters about their views on The Christian Post. And don't get me started on the exit polls…"

Other entities found to be more popular than medical coverage include baseball ( at 121, feminism ( at 172, and, oddly enough, rotten vegetables ( at 188.

It remains to be seen if, with its popularity, Democratic and Republican members of Congress will begin to invoke The Christian Post more on the campaign trail as the 2014 elections draw near.

Nevertheless, ranked at 223, healthcare can rest assured that it remains more popular than TV Guides ( (230), weather ( (272), the Spanish language ( (283), and (227).

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