Current Page: Opinion | Saturday, September 05, 2009
The Undeclared War to ENDA Our Liberty

The Undeclared War to ENDA Our Liberty

Massive spending and the federal power grab are driving the brave talk of dispatching the scoundrels and restoring constitutional government. I hope and pray that it happens.

But lost amid the outrage is the radical social agenda that Obama, Pelosi, Kennedy, and Reid are foisting on the nation with media complicity. If enacted, it will destroy any chance of restoring long-term fiscal sanity because it will sunder marriage and family, where self-governing, productive citizens are born and raised.

Obama has promised the sky to homosexual activists and the abortion lobby and has moved quickly toward that end. On July 16, the Senate voted for a "hate crimes" bill that will lay the foundation for crushing freedom of speech, religion, and association with regard to sexual morality. The health care scheme is rife with opportunities for exotic entitlements like tax-funded abortion and even sex-change operations. A homosexual activist, Kevin Jennings, whose group promotes books to kids that contain graphic accounts of adults seducing teens, has been appointed head of the Department of Education's "safe schools" program - which is a bit like naming Ozzy Osbourne to be the Drug Czar. And Obama says he wants to lift the military ban on open homosexuality and overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.

On August 5, the GOP's Maine kleptocrats, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, joined Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley and longtime sponsor Ted Kennedy in reintroducing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which we'll call the "gay quota bill" for short. ENDA is profoundly dangerous. It turns private sin into a public right and brings the force of government against morality itself. Any such law is a violation of our unalienable rights as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. To put it more simply, a statute that directly contradicts God's moral law is illegitimate. Laws embody and reflect morality, or they are not laws. They are tyranny. That's why so-called same-sex "marriage" laws are absurd and treacherous. Forcing citizens to accept a counterfeit as the real thing is an act of despotism.

ENDA adds not only "sexual orientation" but "gender identity" to federal workplace anti-discrimination law. Thus, it takes an ax to the idea that sexual behavior has a natural normalcy or any relation to morality. It falsely equates a changeable condition (sexual desire) with race and ethnicity. Worse, it turns traditional values into a form of bigotry punishable under the law.

People who like to describe themselves as "fiscal conservatives but social liberals" are fooling themselves. Without morality, you cannot have a sound economy, as Adam Smith pointedly observed.

The Left has long been at war against sexual morals for good reason. People conditioned to think as short-term opportunists instead of as members of the family tree are easy to manipulate. Just give them the false promise of a painless future free from individual responsibility.

In 1935, British anthropologist J.D. Unwin gave an address at Oxford that later became a book, Sexual Regulations and Cultural Behaviour. Unwin studied cultures throughout the ages and found that they thrived if they honored monogamy:

"This type of marriage has been adopted by different societies, in different places, and at different times. Thousands of years and thousands of miles separate the events; and there is no apparent connection between them. In human records there is no case of an absolutely monogamous society failing to display great energy. I do not know of a case on which great energy has been displayed by a society that has not been absolutely monogamous."

Societies that lose respect for marriage eventually lose creative energy derived from the delayed gratification that strengthens families. Instead, people strive for immediate, sensory pleasure, and societies become less dynamic and fertile. Government grows bigger to pick up the pieces and create grounds for even greater hegemony.

Our very survival is at stake, not just our economic well being. When a spirited crowd rightly puts the screws to our rulers over their financial profligacy, someone needs to ask them as well why they're serving as crew members on cultural bombers piloted by Pelosi, Obama, and Kennedy.

There's still time for these "leaders" to repent - or at least grab a parachute before the coming crash.