Walmart Black Friday Facebook App Gives Shoppers Store Maps to Plan Ahead

Smart tips for getting the most out of Walmart's Black Friday deals

Getting the best Black Friday deals at Walmart will require energy and planning. The energy can come easily but the planning can only come from thinking ahead. Luckily, Walmart is offering Black Friday customers a way to map out the store and find out exactly where they need to go to get what they want, saving time and preventing items running out before customers get there.

To get the map of local Walmarts, Black Friday customers need to visit Walmart's Facebook page, enter their zip code, and then “like” their local Walmart. Afterwards, prompts on the Walmart Facebook page show Black Friday customers how to get the map of their local Walmart.

After accessing the map, some Walmart Black Friday customers are planning on marking down exactly where their wanted items will be, in order to save time by going straight to where desired items are.

It has also been suggested that shoppers visit the store prior to Black Friday in order to make a “dry run” and getting a feel for where items will be.

Other tips for getting the most of the Black Friday shopping experience include:

Leave the kids at home

Considering that you will most likely be out either late at night or early in the morning, this might be common sense. Also, the crowds will be maddening and maybe even dangerous for a small child. However, some people simply forget to find a babysitter. So, find one.

Do Not Pay in Cash

Although some websites, such as Lifehacker, have suggested paying in cash because it helps keep people in their budget. Their argument is that if one only brings what they originally intended to spend, it is impossible to spend more on “impulse buys.” That might be true, however, the risk of losing one's wallet or purse is always there, but in a hectic crowd, the risk is even greater. And because most banks will not help replace lost cash, the risks are just too high to follow this practice.

If one is serious about staying within budget and not going over, it might be a good idea to put only a certain amount of money on a debit card, which leaves the shopper with just the amount they intend to spend, as well as the security of a debit card.

Bring More than One Credit or Debit Card

This tip is somewhat contradictory to the previous one, but for people who are not worried about making impulse buys, it is strongly recommended that they bring more than one credit or debit card. Remember: Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and literally millions of credit/debit card transactions are being made at the same time, so the possibility of a card “not going through” is high. However, if another card is available in one's purse or wallet, it could save a lot of headache and disappointment.

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