Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Welcome to the Reservation

Welcome to the Reservation

In the last several elections, we've witnessed a failed campaign strategy in which the Republicans campaigned not on morality, but on prosperity. It was money over morality. Rather than have the courage to call out sin by its name, Republicans chose to talk about the economy. Talking about the economy is safe. It's politically correct. It's non-offensive. And non-religious.

As a result, a lying anti-American was given free reign-twice-- to wreck the country.

Indians know what it's like to live in the past. Now American patriots will know. They are on an ideological reservation now, and soon, perhaps, on an economic–or even geographic reservation.

The truth is, no part of the American dream can happen when the foundation of our government system is built on lies, crime, and total fraud at the root. The Obama administration, even his supporters, have succumbed to a profound social delusion, evolving from wrong values. "Whatever it takes," Al Gore used to say.

Benghazi was the nation's last warning. It was unheeded. The Republican leadership decided to talk about money, about prosperity, rather than call Obama on his cowardly murder of Americans.

This failure to reprove sin has to be the only explanation for why so many people in the country are so blind. Masses of people in Blue States, who are living in devastated conditions, without access to basic necessities of life, still voted for the president. Their delusion was built on the fact that they fail to name sin.

America is lost now. The buildings will remain. The roads, the land, even Washington, DC. But, the country is gone.

What is the new name of the new social entity? Fraud. The country of Falsehood, where lies rule. But it won't stand. More storms will come, until the social entity is reduced to total desperation. And then the leaders and people will not know what to do. They have forsaken the truth, and are left to their own delusions.

Indians never had it this bad. It is a cursed reservation that awaits American patriots. I grieve for this, but it appears to be on America's immediate horizon. Perhaps one day American patriots will rise up again, and recreate America. Until then, I welcome you all to "Indian Country."

Dr. David Yeagley is a conservative columnist, political pundit, and voice against political correctness in America. He is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, being a fifth generation direct descendent of Bad Eagle. His articles can be read at


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