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Woman Sleeps Through Tornado: Thanks God, Testifies Angels Protected Her (VIDEO)

Woman Sleeps Through Tornado: Thanks God, Testifies Angels Protected Her (VIDEO)

Betty Russell, 76, slept through a tornado as it ripped apart her house. She has testified she believes angels protected her. | (Photo: Fox News via The Christian Post)

A woman has miraculously slept through a tornado as it devastated her house on Thursday night. Betty Russell, who is set to turn 77 years old on Dec. 26, has testified that she believes angels kept her safe as she slept that night, not even waking as a tornado ravaged the rest of her home, leaving her completely unharmed.

Russell has lived to tell the tale of how she slept through the entire storm, thanks to randomly falling asleep on her sofa that night, rather than in her usual spot in her bedroom. She in fact slept so well that she only finally woke when firefighters and neighbors came to check on her after seeing the damage to her home.

Russell has said, "I didn't know I was that heavy a sleeper. It had caved in the south side of my house and honestly I didn't hear it. I cannot believe I didn't hear it but I didn't," according to The Associated Press.

The 76 year old woke to find the entire side of her house completely torn off, and a massive hole in the ceiling of her bedroom, where incidentally she would normally have been sleeping.

Her grandson, Scott Russell, who is just 13 years old, also told, "There is a huge hole right where her bed is. She usually goes to sleep in that bedroom, but for some reason she didn't do it this time and she was saved."

"She was actually woken up by the sirens and didn't know what happened until the fireman escorted her outside," daughter-in-law Phyllis Russell said. "We are just so thankful that she is OK."

Russell has testified that she believes it was angels that kept her safe through the tornado. She explained how she collects small statues of angels, displaying them throughout her home, where she has lived since 1962.

However, Russell also told how her two most important angels were her husband and son, who both died at separate times, but both within weeks of Christmas, according to AP.

She said, "I love angels and I was just in Rome last month in November and I just enjoyed the basilicas and other places we toured with paintings and statues of little chubby angels. Personally, I feel like I have two angels, my son and my husband, so feel like I was looked after."

She added, "I am so thankful to God."

Russell will now go to stay with her family in Colorado where she will celebrate Christmas and her 77th birthday with her loved ones.


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