Yahoo Atheist Claims God Has Disappeared

You can reply to a Yahoo atheist named "Jefferson S" by logging onto

Jefferson's query: "Believers, what would you do if God disappears? I'm atheist but I'm just interested about what you would do if your imaginary god hypothetically poofs out of existence? What would happen to your morals when there is no reason to be righteous anymore? (no eternal punishment)."

As you can imagine, a lot of atheists and Christians alike have submitted responses over the past three days.

Here's what I said in my reply:

My father is an atheist. While I was growing up, he emphatically told me there was no god and, therefore, no rules. "Don't obey anyone," he told me in no uncertain terms. "Don't even obey me."

When I decided for myself that I believed God has appeared and that I wanted to be a follower of Jesus Christ, however, I found out our family did have a religion and a hard and fast rule. The religion was atheism and the rule was you couldn't follow Jesus Christ.

Buddha? Fine. Confucius? Terrific. The great atheists of the past four centuries? All the better. But Jesus Christ? Absolutely not. My paternal grandparents disowned me. My father unleashed his anger on me.

I paid my dues by studying under a German existentialist philosopher. My challenge to her: Convert me back to atheism or I'll be a follower of Jesus Christ all my life. After studying the great atheists over the past four centuries, I came to some amazing conclusions. They could write brilliantly about any subject under the sun except God, the Bible, and Christianity. Even those who wrote great textbooks on logic couldn't piece together a logical essay against God's existence.

For them, God's non-existence was a matter of faith. It's a faith I couldn't accept. I've written two books telling my story and addressing these issues in depth. I've listed both below.

If God Disappears: 9 Faith Wreckers and What to Do about Them by David Sanford (SaltRiver, Tyndale House Publishers, 2008),,

God Is Relevant: Finding Strength and Peace in Today's World by Luis Palau and David Sanford (Doubleday, 1997)

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