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Fight For Your Marriage: 5 Podcasts to Heal and Grow Your Marriage

Marriage is one of the most powerful relationships God created for humanity, with the coming together of a husband and wife serving as the central and most essential building block of the family. 

But make no mistake about it: marriage is difficult and requires ongoing work, effort, compassion and care from both parties, especially when tough life circumstances emerge.

And if you’re looking to build, grow or heal your marriage, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a marriage podcast list — a compilation of some of the best relationship podcasts you can listen to right now on the Edifi app.

Edifi is a new Christian podcast app that aggregates the best Christian podcasts, offering access to faith-inspiring shows on topics like news, Bible studies, culture, marriage and many others — all in one place for your listening enjoyment (download the app today). 

Now, let’s dive into the best relationship podcasts that can help heal or grow your marriage:

“The Fierce Marriage Podcast”

First and foremost, there’s “The Fierce Marriage Podcast,” brought to you by hosts Ryan and Selena Frederick. This marriage podcast, which you can listen to right now on Edifi, takes a look at “modern marriage issues,” with the hosts appealing to the gospel and facilitating comedic, transparent and open conversations.

Check out “The Fierce Marriage Podcast” — one of the best relationship podcasts around — right now on the Edifi app.

“Marriage After God”

The next marriage podcast worth checking out is “Marriage After God.” The show, hosted by authors Aaron and Jennifer Smith, seeks to “encourage, inspire and challenge marriages to chase boldly after God together and to cultivate an extraordinary marriage with each other.”

With biblical wisdom as the guide, the hosts hope to help couples find purpose, joy and happiness in their matrimonies.

Listen to “Marriage After God” right now on the Edifi app.

“The Naked Marriage”

The third marriage podcast worth streaming on Edifi today is “The Naked Marriage,” one of the best relationship podcasts for couples who are looking to solidify their love for one another, while also processing through some of the tougher topics.

The show, hosted by Dave and Ashley Willis, explores some of the questions couples might have, but might not always ask. And rather than shy away from topics, the two dive right in.

Listen to “The Naked Marriage” on the Edifi app today.

“FamilyLife Today”

The next marriage podcast on our list is “FamilyLife Today,” one of the best relationship podcasts for those working toward building a “stronger, healthier marriage.” Plus, the hosts — Bob Lepine and Dave and Ann Wilson — explore how to solidify a healthy family life as well.

Stream and listen to “FamilyLife Today” right now on Edifi.

“Faithful Life”

And our last marriage podcast on today’s list is “Faithful Life,” one of the best relationship podcasts around. Hosted by authors Matt and Lisa Jabobson, this show explores how to follow the Bible in one’s life and marriage. 

From parenting to coming together as a married couple, the Jacobsons have plenty to offer. If you’re looking for one of the best relationship podcasts that will help you learn and grow, look no further.

Listen to “Faithful Life” right now on the Edifi app.

That wraps up our marriage podcast list. If you’re looking for even more powerful marriage content be sure to head over to Edifi, an app filled with categories ranging from Bible studies to women, marriage, kids, prayer and op-ed content. Download the Edifi app today.