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Looking for a Christian Parenting Podcast? 5 Powerful Shows to Inspire You

Parenthood is one of the most rewarding jobs imaginable, but, in today’s day and age, Christian parenting carries with it some profound challenges. That’s why we selected each of the following parenting podcasts to help inspire you on your journey as a parent.

Each parenting podcast in the following list is intended to offer you peace, knowledge and guidance as you embark or continue on your Christian parenting journey — and you can listen to each show right now on the Edifi app.

Edifi is a new Christian podcast app that aggregates the best Christian podcasts, offering access to faith-inspiring shows on topics like news, Bible studies, culture, marriage and many others — all in one place for your listening enjoyment (download the app today). 

Let’s dive into our powerful parenting podcast list:

Powerful Parenting Podcast: “The Intentional Parents Podcast”

“The Intentional Parents Podcast” is all about being intentional about helping children become “passionate Jesus followers.” It’s a Christian parenting podcast aimed at helping people build marriage, faith and positive parenthood experiences. If you’re looking for “biblical hope,” this is a parenting podcast for you.

Listen to “The Intentional Parents Podcast” right now on Edifi!

Christian Parenting: “Dad Tired”

“Dad Tired” is a truly unique parenting podcast. This show, which is all about Christian parenting, focuses on dads and men. The goal? To equip Christian dads and husbands with the tools needed to parent successfully. And with a slew of celebrity Christian guests, this is one of the parenting podcasts you’ll want to stream today.

Want a solid parenting podcast? Listen to “Dad Tired” right now on Edifi!

Raising Kids Right: “Courageous Parenting”

“Courageous Parenting” is a weekly show that dives deep into the importance of biblical parenting. If you’re looking to help your kids navigate our chaotic culture and world, “Courageous Kids” is the Christian parenting podcast for you. Explore a plethora of topics on this podcast today.

Get Christian parenting advice on the “Courageous Parenting” podcast. Listen on Edifi!

Parenting Podcasts: “Pardon the Mess”

Being a parent isn’t easy, particularly when you’re trying to raise your kids right. “Pardon the Mess” is a show that explores how to impart biblical truth on our children in an ever-changing world. The show’s official description declares: “Let's walk the parenting road together, because there are no perfect parents — just a perfect God who loves us in the middle of our mess.”

Grab Christian parenting inspiration on “Pardon the Mess.” Listen on Edifi today!

Christian Parenting: “Treasured With Courtney DeFeo”

And last but not least on our Christian parenting podcast list comes “Treasured With Courtney DeFeo.” This is a show that focuses on raising girls. It’s a parenting podcast that offers wisdom, encouragement and plenty more. This show explores questions and answers that many parents have, specifically when it comes to raising girls. So, start streaming the show today!

Listen to “Treasured With Courtney DeFeo,” a powerful parenting podcast. Tune in on Edifi!

That wraps up our Christian parenting podcast list. If you’re looking for even more powerful parenting content be sure to head over to Edifi, an app filled with categories ranging from Bible studies to women, marriage, kids, prayer and op-ed content. Download the Edifi app today.