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Arizona Gov. Brewer and President Obama Argument Sparks Twitter Debates

The heated tarmac exchange between Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and President Obama has lit up websites and social media with reader responses.

Thousands chimed in using Twitter and Google to take sides. Many backed President Obama and attacked Brewer and her aggressive immigration law. Others sided with Brewer, saying Obama was rude, according to USA Today.

Andrew@Ranggol was one of the Twitter users who tweeted in President Obama's support.

"Apparently Jan Brewer shouted at the President. Gov. Scott may be more unpopular, but Gov Brewer is more unprofessional," his tweet read.

Another tweet in Obama's favor read, "Jane Brewer: 'I felt minimized to say the least.' Wonder how minorities in #AZfeel."

Brewer's supporters criticized President Obama with similar criticisms going out to those who supported him. Michael Pilla @michaelpilla insulted those who took Obama's side and accused them of misogyny.

"That Obama angrily confronts AZ Gov. Jan Brewer & Twitter puts all blame on her shows there's little intelligence but lots of misogyny here," Pilla tweeted.

RedBrightandTru tweeted, "Dude. Obama. You sued Jan Brewer's state. Because she did her job. And you're whining b/c of how she 'portrayed' you?"

Neal Bootz @ Talkmaster congratulated Brewer and says this president deserved to be treated the way he was treated. "Congrats to AZ Gov. Jan Brewer. The states should be able to wave the finger in the face of the president. Especially this one," Bootz tweeted.

Video of the exchange show Gov. Brewer waving her index finger in Obama's face, which some people feel crossed the line. Margot Rachot commented on USA Today's website, saying that pointing your finger in the face of the president of the United States or anyone is disrespectful.

In a Fox News interview, Brewer defended her finger waiving by saying she is very animated when she talks and uses her hands to talk as well. She also said she was trying to explain to Obama why she wrote her book, Scorpions for Breakfast, the way she did and the content was factual. Obama disagreed with some things in the book, which sparked the argument.

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