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'Deadpool 2' News: Ryan Reynolds Shares 'Flashdance'-Inspired Poster

'Deadpool 2' News: Ryan Reynolds Shares 'Flashdance'-Inspired Poster

Promotional photo for upcoming Marvel superhero movie 'Deadpool 2' | Facebook/ DeadpoolMovie

"Deadpool 2" lead star Ryan Reynolds has unveiled a new poster for the hotly-anticipated superhero film.

On Tuesday, Reynolds took to Twitter to share a poster featuring his character as he re-creates an iconic scene from the 1983 romance film "Flashdance." Deadpool is seen being showered by bullets, as opposed water like in the original film.

"Take your passion. And make it happen. #Deadpool," Reynolds wrote in his post.

Entertainment Weekly points out that "Deadpool" and "Flashdance" actually has a lot of similarities. Despite being met with mostly negative reviews, "Flashdance" went on to gross over $200 million at the box office. The classic drama/romance flick was a huge success even though it ony had a $7 million budget.

"Deadpool" was also an uncertain bet when it debuted in 2016. Aside from its $58 million budget, it is also an R-rated superhero movie. However, just like "Flashdance," it resonated with many viewers and grossed upwards of $700 million at the box office. It's success even inspired other R-rated superhero films, including Hugh Jackman's "Logan."

To date, not much is still known about the sequel's story. It will not even be called "Deadpool 2." The project's final title has yet to be revealed by Fox, but there is a chance it will be announced with the official trailer arriving next week.

According to Collider, the only thing sure right now is that director David Leitch ("John Wick," "Atomic Blonde") will be helming the sequel. He will take over the role of Tim Miller, who stepped out of the project due to creative differences.

In terms of casting, it was already confirmed that Josh Brolin will be introduced as fan-favorite comic book character Cable, alongside Atlanta standout Zazie Beets as former mercenary Domino. More information about the film are expected in the coming weeks.

"Deadpool 2" is scheduled to hit theaters on May 18.


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