Google Pixel 3 Specs, Release Date: Will Flagship Get the iPhone X Notch Too? More Alleged Design Changes Detailed

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Featured in the image are the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL |

Information about the next-generation Google Pixel smartphone has started to trickle in, giving a glimpse of what the next flagship from the Android giant will look like.

Just recently, the folks over at XDA Developers discovered that the company is testing a brand new design for the Pixel launcher's search bar.

While this change is far from radical, it is something that some Google Pixel fans are already starting to hate intensely, as per the publication that discovered the tweak.

The search bar that is expected to be debuted on the Google Pixel 3 now includes two bubbles instead of one. The stretched out pill-shaped bubble has been split so that the bigger half with the Google icon is separate from the second bubble that houses the microphone logo.

While this already annoys some users, this will not be the most drastic change to expect in the Google Pixel 3. It is speculated that the device might be getting the iPhone X-style notch, too.

After Apple introduced its most expensive smartphone offering last year in all its notch-sporting glory, it did not take long for many Android manufacturers to adopt the design.

While a lot of companies seem to be copying the look, the notch is not even something that iPhone X users unanimously love. In fact, many hope it will be done away in the next one, which is very unlikely, by the way.

Huawei recently launched its P20 flagship series with a notch smaller than that of the iPhone X. LG is expected to do the same and so is OnePlus, who claims the notch is the way to go as far as mobile design goes.

Huawei P20 iPhone X
The Huawei P20 |

The surplus of notched designs this year urged Google to officially add support for the component in the next version of the Android software.

BGR says that making the notch a thing on the Android P hints that the Google Pixel 3 might get the same treatment as well — that, or the company is just making it easier for users across the brands since every other Android flagship is getting that notch this year.

Users will remember that in promoting their first-ever Pixel device, Google made fun of Apple when it first removed the headphone jack from the iPhone.

The following year, however, the company ended up following suit. If this is anything to go by, the company might be looking to join the notch bandwagon, too. The dedicated notch accommodation on the Android P will make this an easier transition, as well.

However, those who believe that the near future is not full of notches, (a lot from the LG community are not too thrilled about it), DBS Designing has shared a concept video of a sleek looking Google Pixel 3 (video embedded below).

It features very minimal bezels on the sides, the trademark red standby button, and more importantly, it is free of a notch. The people at 9to5mac hopes that Google will throw in wireless charging on the new Pixel as well to round out what is imagined to be an excellent powerful mobile companion.

At the moment, nothing official about the Google Pixel 3 has been announced yet. Fans should hear more about it when its launch date, which is said to be around September, draws closer.

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