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iPhone 5 to Sport Glass-to-Glass Screen, Waterproof

iPhone 5 to Sport Glass-to-Glass Screen, Waterproof

Rumors on Apple's next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, are once again circling around the media sphere.

The latest news comes from a Chinese newspaper called the Commercial Times that claims that Apple will be unveiling its next smartphone in June this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The news picked up by Digitimes also added that the phone would sport a glass-to-glass touch display like previous iPhone models.

But more interestingly, The Daily Mail is reporting that Apple is preparing to launch its next smartphone with waterproof capabilities.

This technology will apparently come from a coating spray so high tech that it should allow texting while bathing, or even allow calls under water or even simply protect your dear gadget if you ever accidentally drop it in the toilet.

According to The Daily Mail, 1 million phones are water damaged every year worldwide and in the U.K., 52 percent of smartphone users who have had water damage to their device they admit to having dropped them in the toilet.


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