Pokemon X and Y Battle Analyze and Instacheck Cheat Disabled After Downloading Update 1.2

Pokemon X and Y creators, GameFreak, have finally figured out a way to stop cheaters from soiling the highly competitive online tournament style of play in the game.

The cheat software apps of Battle Analyze and Instacheck become disabled once the user downloads update 1.2. It will also fix bugs and small glitches as well as preventing Pokemon from learning new moves after Wonder Trade. According to IBTimes, the game needs to be connected to the Internet for the update to go through.

Battle Analyze and Instacheck allowed gamers to get a peek at their opponents's team of Pokemon. They were able to see stats, moves, experience, and characters; which in turn removed all strategy and surprise from the game. What was even worse was that a particular gamer had no way to tell if they were being peeked at.

Nintendo and GameFreak recently announced that Pokemon X and Y would be launching the long awaited Pokemon Bank and Poke Teleporter in the Nintendo 3DS shop on December 27.

Requiring an Internet connection to use, the Bank will allow users to store up to 3,000 Pokemon spread over 100 boxes in a cloud based storage file. The Teleporter will let gamers bring in their older Pokemon from previous installments of the game, Black and White, and Black 2 and White 2.
From December 27 to January 31 2014, Pokemon Bank will be offering a free 30 day trial of the service, to which after that it will be $4.99 a year.

The Poke Transporter is a completely free app that will also be available in the 3DS eShop. This app will only work if used with Pokemon Bank. This app will be the connection between the old games and the new one. Once a character is transferred from the DS games to X and Y it is final. There is no trading back to the older games.

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