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'Preacher' Season 3 News: Series to Introduce Four New Characters

'Preacher' Season 3 News: Series to Introduce Four New Characters

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The cast lineup for "Preacher" season 3 continues to expand.

AMC's hit series has added four new cast members, according to reports. "Preacher" — currently in production — will be introducing members of the L'Angell family from the original comic books when it returns this year.

Leading the stellar list is the Tony-winning Betty Buckley, who will play the series regular role of Gran'ma, the only living relative Jesse (Domic Cooper) has. She is a spiritist with the power to bring people back from the dead. Her skills do come with a price, though, so those who want to use her powers can either pay her money or give their soul to her.

Also, part of the cast is "Falling Skies" star Colin Cunningham, who will take on the role of TC. He works as a soldier for Gran'ma and he is her loyal caretaker. Although he may seem like a friendly guy, he is not someone to be trusted. Like Buckley, Cunningham will play a series regular character so fans can expect to see a lot of TC in the next installment.

"Nashville" actor Jeremy Childs will be on board as Jody, an intimidating man who is known for his massive build. He serves as Gran'ma's enforcer and the only man Jesse has never defeated in a fight.

Lastly, Liz McGeever will officially join the series as Christina. Thanks to her attractiveness, she is able to lure many customers in for the business owned by her family. Christina is good at hiding her true feelings — she does not let anyone know that she hates her job. Christina is willing to suffer every day just to protect her child.

As previously reported, season 3 will move on to a different location, giving "Preacher" a much-needed change of storyline pace.

"Preacher" season 3 is expected to premiere this year on AMC.


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