Samsung Galaxy S II Owner Gets Burned in Smartphone Incident

Another burning incident was reported in connection to Samsung's Galaxy S2 smartphone.

The smartphone owner’s friend on detailed the occurrence. The story was published with a comedic tone.

"He said he heard a sound, a burning sensation on his leg and as he pulled this piece of junk out of his pocket he smelled burning," said the poster. "There was smoke coming out of his pocket and out of the phone. LoL, He said he was scared. My friend didn't even own this phone for two weeks before it nearly burned him! He said he wasn't even using it; just idling in his pocket and hadn't been used for awhile."

Photographs of the owner's smartphone displayed the burnt battery. This seemed to be the main cause for the device malfunctioning. The recent incident joins the long list of smartphone-related incidents for the week.

Two days ago, a passenger's iPhone 4 emitted smoke while burning on a recent flight to Australia.

The iPhone 4 related to this occurrence reportedly started "emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow." The incident took place on Regional Express flight ZL319 operating from Lismore to Sydney.

A Quantas flight attendant who was aboard the flight extinguished the red glow successfully, which some have speculated was a fire.

Australian airline Regional Express issued a press release regarding the incident: "The matter has been reported to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, as well as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for investigation and directions."

Passengers were not harmed during the flight.

ABC News reported on the rate of Apple mobile devices exploding: "Exploding Apple products are rare, but explosions have happened in the past, mostly related to the devices’ lithium ion batteries overheating."

Several Brazilian news outlets broke the story of Ayla Mota’s iPhone model burning. Publication Mashable recounted some of the details of the incident to its American readers.

Ayala Mota plugged in her iPhone 4 for overnight charging. While she was asleep, the smartphone started emitting sparks and flames. Mota slept only a foot away from the malfunctioning device. She was unharmed, however.

Brazilian news reports said Mota did not know where to take her exploding iPhone for analysis.

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