Taylor Swift Song Lyrics Deal With Deeply Personal, 'Mad Love,' Singer Explains

Taylor Swift is known for songs about alleged ex-boyfriends and failed relationships. From "Tear Drops on My Guitar," to "Back to December," to the recent "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together," Swift often writes about her love life. Leaving many fans wondering why she chooses such personal subjects for her songs?

In a recent Interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Taylor Swift discussed her song writing process.

"I am getting to a point where the only love worth being in is the love worth singing about. And kind of mad love. I think that for me, when you experience something that's worth writing a song about, chances are it's the same kind of intense feeling that someone else has felt, and it has led them to be sitting on a bedroom floor crying, or walking through a crowded room feeling alone or feeling misunderstood by the person who's supposed to know them better than anybody else," the musician said.

As Swift writes such personal songs from such a deeply emotional space, it's fair to assume that performing them and sharing them with the public can be difficult. But it is definitely something Swift can handle. In fact, she gets strength from it.

"I think the most miraculous process is watching a song go from a tiny idea that you have in the middle of the night to a song that a group of 55,000 people is singing back to you so loudly that you can hear it louder than your own voice coming out of the speakers, in a concert in a stadium. And I think that for me, that's the final part of the process. You know, I'm still so in love with songwriting because it's never the same. You never get the same fragment of information as an idea. It's never just a chorus or a first line – it's always something different. And to piece it together in the crossword puzzle that ends up being your song and have it end up here is so rewarding, you know," Swift explained to Rolling Stone.

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