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'This is Us' Season 2 Spoilers: Series to Dig Deeper Into Jack's Childhood

'This is Us' Season 2 Spoilers: Series to Dig Deeper Into Jack's Childhood

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"This is Us" will be exploring more of Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) past — particularly his close bond with his late brother Nicky.

During the show's recent post-Super Bowl episode, it finally answered the biggest questions that fans have been wanting answers to since the series began. While it addressed the reason behind Jack's death, the episode only led to more questions about the Pearson patriarch.

Ventimiglia recently caught up with Esquire and he teased that more details about his character will be revealed as the show unfolds. He also mentioned that in the future episodes, fans will learn more about his close relationship with his brother.

"His brother, I think is something that's going to come up relatively quickly, and play out over the next season or so," the actor explained. "There's still so much to know about this man, from all the eras, so I'm excited to focus on how Jack lived as opposed to worrying about how he died."

Back in October, Jack mentioned for the first time that he had a brother named Nicky. The scene also led viewers to assume that Nicky passed away while fighting in the Vietnam War but nothing was confirmed by Jack.

The topic about Nicky was brought up again in this week's episode titled "The Car." Jack told his sons a story about Nicky when the two of them would get into a fight. "My dad was a drunk, my mom was depressed, Nicky was my best friend. We went to war and he died. Not exactly fun to reminisce," he said at one point in the episode.

Meanwhile, several cast members recently reacted to the fire scene in the Super Bowl episode. Mandy Moore, who plays Jack's wife, said most of them were just as shocked as the fans when they watched the supersized episode at creator Dan Fogelman's house.

"This is Us" season 2 airs every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.


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