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Tim Allen Insists N-Word OK for Comics, Defends Paula Deen Against Attacks

Tim Allen is wading into the Paula Deen racism pool by asking why can't he (as a comedian) use the N-word without fear of outcry.

"I've had this argument on stage a million times," Allen told the Tampa Bay Times. "I do a movie with Martin Lawrence and pretty soon they're referring to me, 'hey my n----r's up.' So I'm the n----r' if I'm around you guys but 7 feet away, if I said n----r, it's not right."

"So when Paula Deen (admits her language) they go after her," Allen added. "Now we've gone backwards in the world," Allen said.

While Allen understands the significance within a cultural and social perspective, his issue stems from that fact that comics do not have the creative license to be able to use the word within a routine without fear of reprisals.

"So this debate rages in the public, but when it goes out to the comedy world, we're note even allowed to say it, and I gotta refer to it as the N word, F word, B word…it gets all the way down to the line," Allen added. "It gets really intense; we're running backwards."

Embattled celebrity chef Paula Deen conducted a tearful interview with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show in the wake her racism scandal.

"I tell you and everyone out there what I believe and how I live my life. I believe that every creature on this earth, every one of God's creatures, was created equal no matter who you choose to go to bed at night with. No matter what church you go to pray," said Deen.

"I believe that everyone should be treated equal and that's the way I was raised and that's the way I live my life," said Deen.

When Lauer asked her bluntly if she was a racist, Deen replied, "no."

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