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Trayvon Martin Case Update: New Photo of Martin Presented by Defense

Trayvon Martin Case Update: New Photo of Martin Presented by Defense

A defense lawyer for George Zimmerman, the man accused of shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin during a neighborhood watch shift, has presented a new photo into evidence.

Zimmerman's defense has accused the Trayvon Martin family with providing a dated picture of the 17-year-old boy to the media. The picture depicts Martin at a younger age, Attorney Mark O'Mara told Local 6.

O'Mara presented in court a new, more current photo of Martin that was given to police by the boy's father a day after the February 27, 2012 shooting. The defense suggested that the previous photo was misleading because it depicted Martin as a young boy instead of a much older teen.

On Wednesday, Zimmerman's defense asked for additional time to prepare the case because the prosecution had been slow in turning over evidence.

"The defense still has significant work to be done in preparation for the Self Defense Immunity Hearing, and, possibly, trial," O'Mara's motion for a time extension read.

O'Mara also renewed a request for charitable donations to cover the cost of Zimmerman's defense.

"The state has virtually unlimited resources to prosecute George," O'Mara said on Zimmerman's defense fund website. "To finance his defense, however, George relies on the generosity of individuals who believe he is innocent."

O'Mara stated that he needed the funds to compensate with what he considered to be an "aggressive" approach by the state.

"I would just like to be on equal footing with them and we need a very aggressive defense because of the way the state is viewing this case, the aggressive nature they've taken," O'Mara told Local 6.

Accusations against Zimmerman have stirred national controversy because police failed to press any charges against Zimmerman until 44 days after Martin's death. Zimmerman claimed that he had shot the teen in self-defense after being attacked. It was later revealed that Martin had been unarmed.

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