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Atheism on the Decline?

Atheism on the Decline?

Christian evangelist and author, Ray Comfort. | (Photo: Facebook/Ray Comfort)

I heard recently that a much-anticipated atheist convention in Australia had been canceled because of an apparent lack of interest. The organizers said of the upcoming event, "Ticket sales have been substantially below expectations and below the levels for previous conventions, so, unfortunately, the Convention cannot proceed."

While I'm sure most atheists would deny it, the time has to come when people mature and get bored with the same old same old—talking about God and how He doesn't exist.

When I went to the Reason Rally in Washington, DC in 2016, I was expecting to see an anticipated 30,000 atheists. But it was a dismal flop. I felt sorry for the organizers because they were no doubt left with a big bill. According to the prominent atheist Thunderf00t, there were only around 2,000 in attendance.

I'm sure it further discouraged many when the popular actor Johnny Depp canceled, and Richard Dawkins had a serious stroke.

I think that many "free thinkers" are rethinking the belief that nothing created everything. It is so thoughtless.

I'm also beginning to think that the mass of mass shootings and the continual instability of the world is shaking many.

In the meanwhile, we must keep reaching out to them. I've been encouraged to see a number of atheists immediately change their minds about their worldview when confronted with the thought that DNA is coherent information.

It is outside the realm of possibility that the incredibly complicated code that instructs our cells how to make eyes, ears, hair, skin, blood, bone, personality, etc., could have made itself.

While it is wonderful to see eyes open in this way, lost sinners already know in their hearts that they are like Adam, hiding from God. Atheism is merely the prodigal son moving to a far country to get away from the Father.

What they need to hear is the gospel, because (when presented biblically) it is "the power of God to salvation" (Romans 1:16).

Watch freely online "The Atheist Delusion," which offers insights that may make even the most hardened atheist backslide.

Ray Comfort is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and the bestselling author of more than 80 books, including God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life, How to Know God Exists, and The Evidence Bible. He cohosts the award-winning television program "Way of the Master," seen in almost 200 countries, and is the Executive Producer of "180," "Evolution vs. God," "Audacity," and other films. He is married to Sue and has three grown children, and hasn't left the house without gospel tracts for decades. You can learn more about his ministry at