Rod Anderson

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The Tale of Egypt's Coptic Martyrs

One of the survivors of the massacre of 29 Egyptian Christians in Minya in May said that the Islamic State extremists forced the women off the bus and ordered them to renounce their faith in Christ, but the Copts refused.

The Church of England Goes LGBT

The General Synod of the Church of England has officially passed a motion welcoming and affirming transgender people to the church. A top bishop also declared that being LGBT is "not a sin."

The Story of 'His Only Picture'

A Chicago-based pro-life group has launched a new campaign that aims to show the human faces behind over 2,000 abortions performed on average in the United States every day.

Religious Leaders Take 'Shrooms for Science?!

Two dozen religious leaders from different faiths, including Catholic, Orthodox and Presbyterian pastors as well as Rabbis and Buddhists, are now part of a Johns Hopkins study into the effects of psychedelic drugs on religious experience.

Do You Have a Problem With Pride?

Pastor Mark Driscoll of Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, has opened up about his struggles with pride, admitting that he was "filled with self-righteousness" and "condemnation of others," before he learned of God's grace.

The Struggle of India's Christians

People in India have been converting to Christianity following what has been described as miraculous healings done in the name of Jesus, persecution watchdog group Open Doors has said.

Religion on the Rise!

Ever hear the old saw that religious people are on the wrong side of history? It isn't true. Turns out, we're on the right side of the future as well.

Will Hollywood Clean Up to Chase Christians' Cash?

Why was the Golden Era of Hollywood (as seen in the quality of movies) way back in the 1930s and 40s? It was because of the salt from the Church, both Catholic and Protestant, influencing the outcome of the content. So the writers had to be clever.