Hedieh Mirahmadi

Exclusive Columnist

Hedieh Mirahmadi was a devout Muslim for two decades working in the field of national security before she experienced the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and has a new passion for sharing the Gospel.  She dedicates herself full-time to Resurrect Ministry, an online resource that harnesses the power of the Internet to make salvation through Christ available to people of all nations, and her daily podcastLivingFearlessDevotional.com.


  • The paradox of a celebrity pastor

    All of this is to say that as a Muslim convert, the crisis of many megachurch is beyond the hypocrisy of celebrity pastors who preach what they do not emulate.  More troublesome for people like me is that many celebrity pastors fail to teach the whole counsel of the Gospel.

  • Hamas needs Jesus

    As a formerly devout believer in traditional Islam and subject matter expert on radical Islamism, I can assure you there are thousands of sincere Muslims who condemn terrorism and politically motivated violence. Yet, what started as a small sect of extremists, is now a complex transnational network of organizations and individuals working for almost a century to use religion as a weapon of war.

  • Where is the Church amidst the chaos of the ungodly

    In my two decades of experience training and consulting for both local and federal law enforcement on building early intervention programs for potential terrorists, if there was a real and credible threat of violence by an individual, other forms of intervention were immediately ruled out.

  • Wokeism is far more dangerous than secularism

    Wokeism is far more effective than secularism ever could be because it fills the "God-shaped hole" in our culture.

  • The assault on 'White America'

    The assault on “White America” that unites Islamists and the radical Left is particularly dangerous, not only because it has followers capable of terrorizing the population, they also have tacit support from the Biden administration, local and state lawmakers, and a large portion of mainstream society.

  • Under Biden, the plight of persecuted Christians may worsen

    President Biden’s recently confirmed UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield is unlikely to use her diplomatic muscle to defend Christians against persecution. If recent remarks by Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield are any indication of her position, the prospects are grim.

  • What drew me out of Islam to follow Christ

    As a relatively new believer in Christ, who spent over two decades as a devout Muslim, I am often asked for the best way to introduce the Gospel to Muslims.

  • Evangelical sex scandals and our false holiness

    As a former Muslim, one of the most appealing aspects of Christianity is that God commands monogamy.  So it especially pains me seeing the numerous sex scandals pouring out of the evangelical church recently.

  • 'Words matter' apply to Islamic radicals, not conservative Christians

    "Words matter" was a fundamental US policy because we took pride in protecting religious liberty and the freedom to express unpopular beliefs. However, since the US Capitol attack, many of our elected officials are unwilling to apply those same principles to conservative Christians.

  • Hearing from God in difficult times

    Faith is trusting in what God says until we see what God does.