Hedieh Mirahmadi

Exclusive Columnist

Hedieh Mirahmadi was a devout Muslim for two decades working in the field of national security before she experienced the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and has a new passion for sharing the Gospel.  She dedicates herself full-time to Resurrect Ministry, an online resource that harnesses the power of the Internet to make salvation through Christ available to people of all nations, and her daily podcastLivingFearlessDevotional.com.


  • Death up close and personal: What salvation means to me now

    My father's reception was held in the Islamic center he founded more than 20 years ago. The room was filled with more than 500 Muslim family members and friends, most of whom were male. I knew I had to testify to the power of Christ in my life and hopefully plant a seed of hope to whoever had ears to listen. Yet, I was petrified about how angry some would be that I dare mention salvation through Christ.

  • Should Christians surrender American public schools?

    Thousands of Christians in China, Iran, and Africa still pay the ultimate price to preach the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. How then can we justify a total surrender of American public schools?

  • A new breed of Americans vs. truth

    If we do not love or if we reject the truth of God's laws because it disagrees with what we believe or desire, then delusion enters.

  • Sharing the Gospel with your new Afghan neighbors

    Now that thousands of new Afghans have come to the US, I also receive emails from people who discover that many of those Afghans will be at the military bases near their homes, and they ask the same question. Here is my practical advice as someone miraculously redeemed by power of Christ after spending over two decades engrossed in the study and practice of Islam.

  • Ultimately, our failure in Afghanistan is a spiritual one

    Sadly, it seems our government is so misguided that it focused on vilifying its own citizens instead of saving thousands of them from a terrorist regime overseas.

  • Fighting evil in a modern world

    Sometimes, believers are following trends in our culture out of ignorance. We extend grace and compassion to people until it becomes clear they are unwilling to relent in support of depravity

  • As a former Muslim, I believe in faith in the public square

    I have lived and worked in places where I escaped the outbreak of civil war, was shot at in the marketplace, and nearly lost my toes from frostbite because the heating in our compound turned off. The Lord took all the inner fortitude and discipline of my past and combined it with the courage and strength that comes from being in relationship with Him.

  • Afghanistan withdrawal: There’s hope yet in these remaining forces

    I served in the US Embassy in Afghanistan back in 2004 as a political advisor. My task was to help create a civil society infrastructure that would be the first line of defense against the Taliban's Islamic radicalization and indoctrination of the youth.

  • Gender and sexuality of our youth: Natural or deliberate indoctrination?

    The fact that the rise is most pronounced in young people and the majority is not experiencing same-sex attraction, indicates that the deliberate indoctrination of our children not to accept traditional gender roles is increasingly successful. 

  • What is your truth?

    When "truth" becomes subjective, how can a society uphold any semblance of law and order? Whose moral standard do we use to decide when life begins, how we define marriage or gender, and what is our path to achieving racial equality?