Lane Palmer

Lane Palmer

Christian Post Guest Columnist


  • In Memory of Paul Walker

    Once again, our tragedy-weary ears were subjected to unexpected and tragic news. Actor and humanitarian Paul Walker had been killed, alongside his friend, in a horrific and gut-wrenching auto accident.

  • Is God Like the NSA?

    Is God Like the NSA?

    I find courage in the fact that while the NSA might be looking for terrorist tendencies in our comings and goings, God's all-knowing presence is there to protect me from the ultimate enemies of my soul — Satan and his demons.

  • Are You a Man (or Woman) of Steel?

    Are You a Man (or Woman) of Steel?

    I don't know about you, but I'm deeply challenged with the idea of becoming something other than what society intends. I want to take off the glasses that trap me into thinking that the American dream is the end all of a worthy existence. I think the suit and cape for the Christ follower is found in realizing that we have superpowers.

  • The Great Gatsby or The Great God?

    The Great Gatsby or The Great God?

    To be sure, the Great Gatsby achieved his "greatness" by getting away with more than most people would, but there is one universal law that he ignored that is a 100% guarantee: Make no mistake, God is not mocked. A person will harvest what they plant. You will reap what you sow.

  • What's Behind Your Iron Suit?

    What's Behind Your Iron Suit?

    We pretend we have invincible emotional armor and weapons like sarcasm and denial that can fend off the incessant barrage of destructive circumstances life brings our way. But the truth is that our attempts to be superheroes in a fallen world strip us down to the core as well.

  • You Can Be a Giant Slayer!

    You Can Be a Giant Slayer!

    Unlike our fairy tale teenager Jack, David was a real life, flesh and bone adolescent who faced up to a giant bigger and badder than any we will face.

  • A World Without Christmas

    A World Without Christmas

    If Jesus was never born, there would be a sorrowful lack of charity and the protection of life, and the United States of America would have just been an unrealized historical dream.

  • Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

    Every year it seems to me that Thanksgiving is increasingly just a thin slice of celebration sandwiched between the massive marketing machines of Halloween and Christmas. It's become a few days of respite for post school/work burnout and pre Christmahanakwanza preparation!

  • You Have My Vote!

    You Have My Vote!

    The freedom to voice our opinions and vote in our election process was paid for with the blood of our Continental soldiers over 200 years ago. But even more importantly, this is a good season to be reminded that your freedom to choose Christ was also purchased with blood.

  • Be a Light at the Pole!

    See You at the Pole may seem like just another Christian gathering, but in reality it is a defining moment not only on your campus, but in your walk with Jesus Christ as well. It is a day where you have a choice to take a stand for your faith, or to wallow in apathy with the crowd.